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Rosie On The House Certified Partners are the High Quality Contractors and Home Service Providers in Arizona.

Rosie-Certified Partners are the most tightly screened referral network of quality home improvement contractors, retailers and service providers in the industry. Each member of our home improvement referral network must have:

Bound to Strict, Homeowner-Focused Ethics.

Once a contractor is found to be truly one of the best-of-the-best, each company must agree to our strict and customer-focused code of ethics. The Rosie on the House team tracks the performance of our Certified Partners, making sure they continue to uphold the “Rosie Standard” of high-quality and great customer service. Each partner must meet this industry-leading standard to retain their membership.

All Providers are Guaranteed by Rosie.

Lastly, each company that is part of the Rosie on the House Referral Network is backed by our Conflict Resolution Policy! Our Homeowner Relations Department helps with any concerns that may develop within the Rosie on the House Certified Partner Network. Within this family of Rosie-Certified Partners, you will find companies that are used to working together on projects and trust each other to get the job right the first time.

About The Guild Quality

The Nation’s Leader in Customer Satisfaction Surveying for the Building Industry

Guild Quality is the leading web-based surveying solution for homebuilders, remodelers and contractors that conducts over 40,000 homeowner surveys each month. Quality-minded home professionals use GuildQuality to gain operational insights which also include ratings and reviews. These ratings and reviews, in turn, become marketing assets to gain new clients. Authentic third-party research takes the guessing out of what customers really think ensuring long term relationships.

Guild Quality was founded in 2003 and continues to lead the space in customer satisfaction surveying.

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