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Creating Your Home Library & Caring For Your Books

Listen To The Podcast In honor of the Tucson Festival of Books this week, we will focus on home libraries.

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Arizona’s Christmas Traditions

Listen To The Podcast Christmas traditions in Arizona are as varied as our state’s geography. These holiday traditions tend to

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5 Questions Received by ROTH That Should Be Asked More Often (1 of 2)

Listen To The Podcast Since 1988 we have answered thousands of questions from homeowners. Many of them have been asked

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Get Your Ghost Fix At Arizona’s Ghost Towns

Most Arizona Ghost Towns Started With A Mine Listen To The Podcast With Halloween behind us, we wonder where the

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Planning, Preparation & Precaution of DIY Projects

Safety Precautions, Planning, and Preparation For Your Next DIY Project Listen To The Podcast Since 1988, we have produced and

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The American Flag | Facts & Fiction

Facts & Fiction of the American Flag “You’re a grand old flag You’re a high-flying flag And forever in peace

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