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Top Product Highlights From The 2024 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show! 

KBIS 2024 Top Product Picks By Rosie On The House Experts

6 members of the Rosie on the House (ROTH) and Rosie Right Design.Build.Remodel (RRDBR) team recently visited KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) 2024. Each of us went with a shared mission: bring back must-have items for our listeners and customers, and find the best innovations that would enrich the lives of Arizona homeowners. As it turns out, we each interpreted this mission very differently. We’ll share some surprises, some curveballs, and some of it’s just plain fun!

Koruser temporary floor protection
Koruser temporary floor protection

Here is a list, by employee, of the favorite finds of KBIS 2024:

Bruce (Operations Manager, RRDBR)

Some items at the show may not catch the eye of the average passerby. Bruce is no average passerby. His immaculate job site tendencies led him to find endless options for keeping your home and furnishings safe during any project, from small paint jobs to full-scale remodels. You know that heavy-duty paper material that contractors put down on your floor that’s designed to provide temporary protection against foot traffic, etc.? You guessed it; it’s new and improved! Koruser has taken the idea of that old builders paper and made temporary floor protection that’s waterproof, breathable, anti-slip, absorbent, extra strength, AND it’s easy to use so more contractors should be using it. It might even be coming to a Rosie Right remodeling project near you!

HydroTap water dispenser by Zip Water
HydroTap water dispenser by Zip Water

Rochelle (Designer, RRDBR)

Rochelle spotted Zip Water’s new HydroTap. It’s a water dispenser whose components are mounted under the sink. Pretty standard.. but wait, THERE’S MORE! It stylishly provides instant boiling, chilled, AND sparkling water at the touch of a button, straight from your tap! Don’t worry it also filters! In addition to all that, it’s also designed to be energy efficient, space saving (hence the under sink mounted components), and customizable. They have a range of models and finishes so it will blend in with your preferred design aesthetics.

We all loved this convenient addition to kitchens! What’s not to love??

Brizo steam showers are sleek and discreet
Brizo steam showers are sleek and discreet

Romano (Design Manager, RRDBR)

Romano was excited about steam showers (specifically Brizo)! After speaking with vendors, Romano learned the many benefits of steam showers, some of which include, detoxing your system from viruses, healthier, brighter skin, relief for stiff and aching joints, and a kickstarter to your immune system. Romano now thinks every new home should be spec’d for a steam shower. Not ready to pull the trigger on a whole bathroom remodel? Try the Delta conversion systems!

Rosie in Thompson's booth next to the copper sink
Rosie in Thompson’s booth next to the copper sink

Julia’s (Homeowner Relations, ROTH)

Julia’s attention was caught by a certain brand of sinks and tubs. The Thompson brand of fixtures is well-crafted, uniquely designed, and absolutely gorgeous! Thompson’s designs bring nature indoors with designs inspired by flora and fauna, crafted in stunning copper. In addition to sinks and tubs, they also make range hoods, vanities, faucets, drains and more. Rightfully so, their products drew a lot of attention from homeowners who appreciate the unique beauty and craftsmanship of handcrafted copper.

Jennifer (Co-host, ROTH)

Jennifer in TiDelli chair
Jennifer enjoying the TiDelli chair

Of course we took a sneak peek at what we might see at KBIS prior to attending. Before we even arrived, Jennifer fell in love with TiDelli Outdoor Living. That love lasted! This outdoor furniture catches your attention with its hand-woven and brightly colored rope designs. They have a wide range of products in a variety of materials including outdoor sofas, dining sets, lounge chairs, umbrellas, outdoor rugs, and more. Jennifer’s favorite piece was what she dubbed “The Queen’s Chair”; rightfully so!

Rosie (Host, ROTH)

FreePower's built in countertop charging station
FreePower’s built in countertop charging station

Rosie spotted an item that caught a lot of people’s attention! Winning best of show for all of KBIS, FreePower is a product that frees you from your charging cords. This product is installed into a newly fabricated countertop and provides you with your very own built-in drop zone. Using contact charging it can charge up to 3 items at once, and clears your home of wire clutter.

When we say FreePower can clear your home of wire clutter, we do mean the whole home. Imagine your kitchen counter, end tables, night stands, bathroom counter, desks, and more, all with the ability to wirelessly charge your devices. “Never think about charging again!” Bonus: They are from right here in Tempe, Arizona!



Discussion of our top picks we liked at the 2024 Kitchen And Bath Industry Show that are pretty incredible. What you must know and what you can do to avoid deed and title fraud. Plus planning and preparing for wildfire season.

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