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What To Expect When Refinishing A Hardwood Floor
Did you know that around 80% of Arizona homes have some element of wood flooring in them. Join Romey Romero as he chats with Bobby Serafin of Mission Hardwood Floor Co. – a Rosie-Certified Contractor – to talk about what you as an Arizona Homeowner need to know about maintaining the wood products in your home.
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American Made Flags
American made American Flags. Valley Forge Flags and equipment needed for flying your Flags such as Mounting Brackets that can hold up to Arizona weather. You can order online from the Rosie eStore: American Flag Stainless Steel Flag Pole Mounting Bracket  
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Tandem Wall Installation
Tandem™ Wall retaining wall system designed by Belgard® Hardscapes provides the appearance of natural stone that will complement any hardscape. The innovative, versatile system can be used to create attractive, curved or straight retaining and freestanding walls. Great for use in a wide range of residential and light commercial hardscape projects.
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Showroom Preview of Pella Windows & Doors and Wood Clad Multi-Slide Door Systems
Rosie Romero visits with Adam Homer at the newest Pella Windows and Doors Showroom in Gilbert Arizona. Together, they highlight the newest design in doors including the most popular door feature: doors that allow you to open up the back of your home to the outdoors like never before while still providing all of the Pella security and luxury. Visit:
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Selecting Faucets and Shower Heads
Linda Stanfield from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Rosie chat about faucet and showerhead quality – and how that impacts maintenance and performance.
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Security Screen Doors
In this Rosie on the House Three-Minute Tip, Rosie talks through the core benefits of security screen doors – and the key safety features to look for when purchasing.  Installed correctly a security screen door can play a big part in deterring home invasion.
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Securing your home
Rosie walks you through some quick tips to secure and protect your home when you’re not there.
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Securing Double French Doors
You won’t believe how easy it is to break into locked, double french doors (without breaking the glass!). Rosie shows us a quick and super-easy solution to better secure your home from burglary.

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