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December's #Eggnog Recipe of the Month | By Megan Smeck

Smecknog Recipe

You will need a very large and medium bowl. KitchenAid mixer is awesome but hand mixer works just fine. Wide mouth quart or cracker jars and a handle measuring cup works well for scooping into the jars.

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1 dozen eggs, separated yolks and whites (No yolk in the whites)

2 c. Jack Daniels Black bourbon (optional)

2 oz Anejo Dark Rum (optional)

1 ½ c. sugar

4 c. Whole milk

2 c. Heavy cream

Nutmeg to sprinkle on top (optional)


Beat whites to stiff peaks. Add ½ c. sugar. Scrape into large bowl.

Beat yolks and 1 c. sugar to very thick cake batter consistency. Takes minutes.

Gently fold liquor into the yolk mixture. Won't be completely together.

Fold yolk/liquor mixture into the whites. Let it remain lumpy. Don't over mix at this point. 

Beat 2 c. cream to very still. Gently mix in 4 c. whole milk. Fold cream/milk into yolk/whites mixture.

Wa-La! - you are ready to serve and sip! Nutmeg sprinkle optional.

Note: Frothy consistency if served right away. However, transfer eggnog into wide mouth quart jars or cracker jars. Mixture will separate in fridge but can be stirred back together into a thick, creamy beverage if poured later. Both are delicious! Keeps in fridge for days... if it lasts that long!

Enjoy and feel free to share the recipe!