It's hard to believe thirty years have passed since Rosie's first call-in home improvement broadcast, out of KNFF studios in Mesa, Arizona. ROTH Arizona 30 Thank You

No one could have predicted all that was set in motion as a result of that one simple broadcast, which was the result of an old school double dog dare.

To celebrate this mile stone, we wanted to give something back to our listeners who are the true champions in this achievement. Because without y'all, none of this is possible. After hours of researching, brainstorming, trial & error, break-throughs and brick walls, here is what we have put together for you:

  • First, the first printing of a Home Maintenance Calendar free to you the listener. This calendar is the ideal guide for Arizona homeowner's who strive to keep a maintained home and high quality of life standard. It's functional and aesthetic. Informative and fun. Practical and precise. Plain and packed full. To see a preview of January and order your free copy, mailed to your home, visit our Calendar page.
  • Second, Rosie merchandise. We know, that sounds corny, but over our 30 years this is the one listener request we have never accommodated. And in true Rosie fashion, proceeds from our 30th anniversary items will be donated to our three non profit partners; Habitat for Humanity, St. Vicent De Paul and Military Assistance Mission. Browse our 30-year addition tool kit, that contains the 7 must-have handtools every homeowner should own and other Rosie On The House approved tools, products and building materials in our eStore.
  • Third, we bring you the HomeZada Digital Home Management software. This tool is not only the must have and most powerful digital tool available on the market for homeowners, it's a game changer for the future of housing. We have been developing elements of this concept over the last five years and are thrilled to be teamed up with this revolutionary and state of the art technology. As a premeium subscriber, you have the ability to manage your Home Inventory, Maintenance, Projects, Finance and list your home for sale when the time comes for you to move. Premium user user have the ability to mange up to three properties at a time. Start managing your home at

Parody Songs - Just for fun!

What's a modern day celebration without a parody song or two? Here are our favorites that we were suprised with from a few friends and business partners.

Performer: John Eisenhower | Founder | Integrity Tree Service

Title: Home for a Change to the tune of Home On The Range.

Performers: Jim Knapp & Ryan Hatch | Founder | KTAR 92.3 FM

Title: House of the Rising Sun

Rosie on the House: 30-Years in the Making