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A New And Innovative Program!

A Great Program for Business Facilities!

Today, small businesses have their work cut out for them. After weeks of uncertainty they are ready to get back to normal. In order to serve their customers well, one of the top priorities for many companies is to reduce operating cost. This may mean that upgrades needed at their facilities will be put on the back burner. Randy Cole, owner of Rosie-Certified Fox Valley Electric (FVE) has found a way to help.

Randy has partnered with a utility investment group, who is providing facility upgrades in energy and lighting with no out of pocket expenses. To qualify, companies undergo an energy audit to see if they are a good candidate for saving on energy through upgrades. Once qualified, Fox Valley Electric, provides various upgrades at their facilities. Older equipment is replaced with new energy saving technology like LED lighting along with fixture upgrades for example. These services are paid for entirely through the energy savings generated by the upgrades while still creating a positive cash flow for the facility. This is not just for building owners but, could also be a great service for those who are in a long-term lease.

Randy is aware of the challenges ahead for business owners. He is hopeful that the services he is offering will allow businesses opportunities to survive and thrive during these trying times, by reducing cost now with zero out of pocket expense.

A Product Solution for Homeowners and Businesses alike!

Thankfully, it looks as though Arizona will be able to start moving toward normal over the next couple of months. But, when the doors are open, will Arizonans be comfortable moving around? When the doors open to your favorite restaurant will you be comfortable dining out? There is talk of limited capacity – will that be enough to make you feel safe? Everyone’s tolerance level is different so how to get to a place where everyone is confident they are doing all they can to stay healthy?

Local Arizona businesses are worried that customers will hesitate to shop and dine out as they adjust to getting back to life after the quarantine. In addition to a full-service electrical company, Randy and his wife Linda are owners of Bad Ass Coffee, a small shop in Tolleson, AZ. Both the coffee shop and the full-service electrical company require contact with people. In their research on how to offer safe environments for their clients, they came across a disinfecting product called Bio-Cide. Randy decided this is something that he can offer to help businesses get back to work and for people to have the confidence to move around.

After receiving training for the application of the product Randy launched a new division, Fox Valley Air, that applies the disinfectant through a fogging machine. Buildings need to be unoccupied for one hour as the Bio-Cide fog is applied and allowed to air dry. It is not harmful to surfaces, electronics or fabrics but, countertops and other hard surfaces may possibly need to be wiped down to prevent a tacky residue. There is little odor and the application will keep the building germ and virus free for 1 -2 weeks. The application fee is by the square foot and multiple applications are discounted. Bio-Cide treatment can be part of the solution for small businesses as well as anywhere large numbers of people gather. This product, combined with the current CDC suggestions, like wearing a mask and staying home while sick, can be part of a return to normal by ridding environments of harmful bacteria, germs and viruses.

Randy is thinking that homeowners may find this to be a product that offers them peace of mind. Throughout the country homeowners are finding many situations that could warrant the extra protection provided by Bio-Cide. It offers a hospital grade level of disinfecting for any home, particularly a home that has someone who is vulnerable or immune compromised, or if someone has been exposed or is recovering from serious illness.

As an electrical company, Fox Valley Electric, is also offering and able to install UV lighting which is also known to kill coronavirus. It is important to know not all UV lights are strong enough to kill a virus. Many of the UV lights for retail sale kill microbes but not viruses. The UV lights that are strong enough to kill viruses are an expensive solution and can’t be used while buildings are occupied so might be a good fit for healthcare or places of business where large groups gather often.

Bio-Cide Facts

EPA tested, hospital grade and kills 99.9% of germs and household bacteria and Coronavirus. The product is considered safe for schools, homes, businesses, food manufacturers, and Day Care Centers. It is designed to kill germs on surfaces but during fogging will kill floating pathogens. Washing and cleaning surfaces will not affect the chemical as it is staple. More Information on Bio-Cide can be found here:


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