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If you’ve had a swimming pool for quite a while, you may be using it less and less and spending more and more on maintenance and utility bills than you did in the beginning. Here are some suggestions on pool improvements you can make that might help you love your pool again:

1 | Upgrade your pool pump

It’s been years since variable speed pool pumps came on the market, and it’s been six years since the state passed a law requiring homeowners to install these energy-saving pumps in place of energy guzzling single speed pumps to filter water in their pools.

Maybe you still have an aging, single speed pump that costs you a bundle in utility bills and is getting a little less dependable. According to Arizona Public Service (APS), you can save up to 70 percent on annual power bills for your pool. Variable speed pumps are more efficient and also can run quieter. They run at low speed most of the time and only speed up to run a pool cleaning system. That’s where the money saving is!

2 | Create a smart pool

If you are upgrading to a variable speed pump, how about taking it a step further and making your pool a smart pool? This year Hayward Pool Products introduced a new variable speed pump and smart phone automation called VS Omni.

With a VS Omni system, you can control your pump, heater, water feature and lighting all from your smart phone or computer – wherever you are. You can include voice control capability for your pool using Amazon’s Alexa so you can “tell” your pool to turn on your lights or start your heater or water feature. You can even integrate the controls for the pool directly with your home’s automation system. Installing the system only takes a few hours. Visit for more information.

3 | Light it up for less

Make your pool more exciting at night with energy-efficient, low-voltage LED lighting to save money as well. These new LED lights use significantly less power, according to Marty Sandoval, district manager for Hayward Pool Products in Phoenix. “Energy efficient, low volt lighting is the easiest way to provide a big wow factor to backyard ambiance,” he said.

Safety is also a huge factor in low volt lighting as these systems take potentially dangerous high voltage electricity away from the pool water, making it safer for your family.

Low-voltage lights come standard with multiple colors and show options in vibrant colors. You should probably have the new lights put in by a licensed electrician familiar with pool lighting and code requirements.

4 | Make your pool safer, and you’ll enjoy it more

Maybe you’d like to add more layers of protection to your pool to keep children safe. Think about improving the fencing around the pool and adding better locks on gates that will be too high for very young children to reach. Install alarms on sliding glass doors that lead from your house to the pool area so that you get a warning whenever the door is opened. Cities and counties throughout Arizona have strict rules requiring that home swimming pools be enclosed in 5-foot tall walls or fences and have no openings that a small child could slip through.

5 | Replace your pool deck

Think about going lighter with your deck color so it won’t be as hot to walk on in July and August. Try concrete pavers that will resist cracking caused by sun, pool chemicals or salt. Depending on the condition of your pool, acrylic surfaces and pavers can be laid over new or old concrete. Once you have your new deck, take regular steps to keep the surface in great shape by covering frequently traveled areas with no-slip mats; keep metal furniture that can leave stains off the deck; clean up spills as soon as they happen; keep leaves and fruit from nearby trees off the deck as they tend to stain and collect dirt around them. 


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