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If you’re looking for a Christmas present for a do-it-yourselfer or even a wannabe do-it-yourselfer, one possibility is a hammer. Not just any hammer, but a quality one with a securely fastened handle actually shaped to fit a hand and one that will be the right size for the job.

At Rosie on the House, we have our own e-store that carries the hammer that might make that great choice for your gift. This Estwing hammer is a solid rip-hammer with head and handle forged in one piece out of solid American steel. It has a smooth face and carries the Rosie on the House 30-year logo in honor of our 30th anniversary in radio broadcasting celebrated this year.

We chose the hammer because it was made by a historic company, founded in 1923, and specially known for high-quality production. Estwing, has manufacturing facilities in Rockford, Ill., 90 miles from Chicago. Estwing is also notable because 94 percent of its products are made here in the United States.

The company was started by Ernie Estwing, an immigrant from Sweden in 1916. After arriving in America, he went to engineering school while working part-time as a contractor. In his work, he was dissatisfied with American hammers that seemed rudimentary in quality and uncomfortable to use.

“So, he began a company that became known for its one-piece forging for hammers,” says Stephanie Thrasher, vice president of sales and marketing for Estwing. “They were made in one piece so the head would not break away from the handle. They’re also known for grips that are shock reducing as you work with them.”

The grips are made by pouring a liquid on the handles of hammers and then baking that molten substance onto the grip. “That way the grips won’t fly off or break off,” Thrasher noted.

The company strives to set the standard for ergonomically correct hammers and tools of all kinds. And of course, the hammers are fashioned from American-made steel – not inferior steel from other countries.

As a result of its fabrication process, Estwing has become famous for hammers all over the world. The company sales forecast for next year is to make six million tools. “Our business has been growing every year even since the 2008 recession,” Thrasher says.

The company’s 330 employees produce hammers for many different types of professions all over the world, including ballpeen hammers and geological rock picks. “We’re the No. 1 hammer for geology students; every student wants to own an Estwing hammer,” Thrasher says.

The company is still owned by the Estwing family, although family members do not run it. The current president is Mark Youngren.

You can buy your Estwing hammer ($52) separately from our E-store  or you can buy the hammer as part of a Rosie on the House tool kit by Proto Industrial. The hammer and other items in the toolbox carry the Rosie logo. Profits go to three of our Rosie on the House non-profit partners: Habitat for Humanity, St. Vincent De Paul, and Military Assistance Mission.

Tools in the box include:

  • Screwdriver by Channellock
  • Plier set by Channellock
  • Tape measure by Stanley
  • Torpedo level by Stanley
  • Saw by Stanley
  • Hacksaw by Stanley
  • Utility Knife by Stanley

We’ve also included a Rosie on the House 30th anniversary Hat from Bayside, Port & Company All-American Tee-shirt, the newest addition of the Home Maintenance Calendar, and 1-year free subscription to HomeZada Premium.



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