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Our Favorite Products From The 2023 National Hardware Show

This week we take a closer look at some our finds from the 2023 National Hardware Show (NHS). We love scouring the aisles for new products with a special eye out for items made and/or invented in the USA. The NHS showcases products you’d find at your local hardware store. Please note, we have not personally tested the items we have listed below but found they have much potential! 

Favorite 2023 NHS Products

EZ No Slip | Slip resistant product with lots of applications!

Gone are the days of the clear plastic mats that get moldy at the bottom of your bathtub. EZ No Slip is a clear coating that is rolled on like paint to transform a slippery surface to one that is safe and usable. The possibilities for this product are truly endless! Use it on stair steps, bathtubs, handrails, tile, or use it to secure rugs into place. EZ No Slip is eco-friendly, nontoxic, no fumes or odors, and the best part is you can barely see the product, so it doesn’t make the user feel like they’ve altered their home. Our daughter Julia liked the idea of this product with the kids in mind. Jennifer liked it for the added safety in the bathroom for those desiring a life-worth-living-in-place.

Q-Swiper | A safer way to clean your grill.

The Q-Swiper is a wireless/brushless grill cleaning tool that cleans using steam and a reusable cloth. The cloth attaches to the handle much like a Swiffer pad and holds very sturdy. It can be used on grills or flat top grills! Julia says she has already ordered 2 and especially liked the idea of no bristles being lost and no harsh chemical sprayed on the grill.

SnapPower | Dual purpose switch plates.

These jazzy little plates caught Rosie’s eye. SnapPower Home Lighting products snap right onto your existing outlets/light switches and have lights built into the plates themselves – no wiring required. These are so easy to install; you don’t even need to be a DIY’er! SnapPower offers a few different versions of their product:

  • GuideLights: Activated by a light sensor, it automatically turns ON when you need it and OFF when you don’t!
  • SwitchLights: illuminated wall switches make finding the light switch easy in the dark.
  • SafeLight: child proof plates with built in light.
  • MotionLight: Motion-detecting night lights that turn on up to 30 feet away…and leave your outlets free to use!
  • GFCI versions available as well

SnapPower plates are available in 4 colors and are about $24 each. Rosie has a suggestion for the company: add a lighting plate designed for the desert southwest with a black light that could be used to detect scorpions. Getting up in the middle of the night would not be so scary if you could see a scorpion before it saw you!

Extreme Mist | New ways to stay cool.

The mist coming from Extreme Mist’s booth was a real draw for all the attending desert rats. We were really attracted to these products! Not only is the business family owned and made in America, but they are manufactured in Scottsdale, Arizona! Founder Ron Lailkland, a long-time adventurer, takes cooling seriously – as we all should living in the desert. The products they offer include:

  • Portable fan misters
  • Personal mister/hydration systems/backpacks for hiking and for work
  • High pressure misters for your home, and more!

Shop Local!

Foambeak | A new way to apply canned insulation.

Sometimes is it the little things that make a big difference. Foambeak is a new way to apply canned insulation! It’s a nozzle that attaches to your off-the-shelf can of Great Stuff* Gap and Crack foam. This nozzle will allow you to apply foam (from the can) to any surface in a wide path. It is great for insulating the underside of tubs, spas, dishwashers, sinks and more – even vertical and overhead surfaces. The Foambeak is made in the USA out of ABS plastic. A great value at $9.99 for a package of 3.

*Note: Foambeak is in no way affiliated with the makers of the canned foam, nor do they sell or distribute the canned foam. You must supply your own cans of GREAT STUFF gap and crack foam.

Belwith Keeler | Cabinet and door hardware.

Jennifer calls the line of hardware at Belwith Keeler “cabinet jewelry”.

Founded in 1893 in Michigan and designed in-house, Belwith Keeler has a look for everyone and every home. Gorgeous handles and knobs for cabinetry and furniture make for a quick and easy update to any décor. The colors and materials are designed to go with trends in the design industry. The recent line of champagne gold knobs is truly beautiful! Check out their What’s Trending page to see designers discuss and display their newest products! Their products may be a bit more costly than some, but they are designer quality and available at specialty stores in Arizona.

Glow Path Pavers | Pavers that glow!

A great paver for a sunshine state like Arizona. Glow Path Pavers come infused with bits of glow stones embedded in the 4 styles currently available. They offer a subtle, continuous glow for 6-8 hours after dark, providing a low-level illumination that is perfect after sundown. They are a great way to accent an outdoor walkway or pool area and are available in Phoenix.



Rosie and Jennifer give a “thumbs up” for products homeowners should know about. From slip resistant products to safe grill brushes and dual purpose switch plates. Plus callers have issues with the realistic cost of an A/C tune up, electrical cords behind the wall, electrical question and flat roof repair.

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