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Why It’s More Critical Than Ever To Get Your AC Serviced Before Summer

Why It’s More Critical Than Ever To Get Your AC Serviced Before Summer

When the summertime temperatures start soaring, you need an air conditioning system that can keep your home, and thus, you, comfortable. This year is not the year to forego maintenance or replacement of worn-out parts. Supply chain challenges continue to make procuring parts and equipment very challenging. Plus, cost increases and labor decreases are making service unusually difficult.


REEIS Air Conditioning, a Rosie-Certified Partner, explains why you should not wait to schedule your air conditioning maintenance, repairs, or replacement:

Repair Part Availability

The one part of your system that may need repair could be weeks away – you just don’t know it yet. With forecasts now hitting 90 degrees on the desert floor, this is not the time to spend waiting on a backordered critical component. Establishing a trustful relationship with your HVAC service technician will allow them to get to know your HVAC system and your comfort needs. They will know which parts have aged and which parts need a specific and diligent examination. Let their experience in the industry and knowledge of your equipment be the guide.

HVAC Equipment Availability

For any equipment reaching the end of its life expectancy, now is a good time to ask for a quote on new equipment. Ask the service company to include a check of the ductwork’s integrity. You want to know whether the return air plenum is sufficient. The return plenum is a box that connects the return ducts in the ductwork back to the HVAC system. Ask whether a smaller, more efficient unit might be advisable. Have them explain the difference between two-stage and variable compressors.

If you are considering a new HVAC system, plan ahead so you don’t find yourself waiting months for new equipment.

If your AC system fails, there is a strong possibility it may take days to weeks to get needed parts. If you have worn out parts or parts that are at risk of failing, it is imperative that you replace them before the need becomes an emergency.

Prices Are Going Up


Most manufacturers recently announced that significant price increases are coming. Therefore, it is important to determine now whether a new piece of equipment is advisable. If it is, they may be able to get your order in before the price increases occur. Lock in your pricing now.

Confidence In Your Comfort

By scheduling routine maintenance, you can be confident that your system will perform for you throughout the summer. If there are areas of concern, you are provided the opportunity to correct them without being in an emergency situation.

All homeowners should be aware that some home service provider companies compensate their technicians with commissions on the sales they complete. The sincerity of their recommendations could be tainted when they are incentivized, which is not necessarily the best for you or your home in the long run.

Bottom line – keep on top of your HVAC system maintenance with a trustworthy team, plan ahead with your provider, and never hesitate to ask questions.



Todd Russo of REEis Air Conditioning discusses why this is not the year to ignore air conditioning maintenance or replacement of worn out parts. Supply chain issues continue to hamper the necessary parts or a new unit. The importance of establishing a relationship with your local A/C company. Home Energy Audits. Plus air conditioner questions from listeners.


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REEIS Air Conditioning is a family-owned & operated air conditioning & home performance contractor. Our entire focus is on delivering the best customer service without commissioned sales technicians. We focus on providing solutions to our clients which improve their homes’ comfort, indoor air quality, durability, and energy efficiency.


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