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This is a relatively a simple project provided your aluminum frame is still in good condition, you buy quality sunscreen material, have a few key hand tools and the room to work.

Tools required:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Yard stick
  3. Utility knife
  4. Spline roller

Removing the screen: 

Although manufacturer use different systems to secure their screens, most rely on metal clips attached to the outside of the window frame that can be loosened with a screwdriver. Other types of attachments are flat springs on the side of the screens. Applying pressure against the screen frame will compress the springs and leave enough room on the opposite side of the frame to pull the frame out.  

Replacing the torn screen: 

  1. Lay the frame on a flat surface.
  2. Remove the rubber retention spline and the torn screen.
  3. Cut out a cardboard insert the size of the inside of the screen frame. This does not have to be exact, just close. This will help support the frame & keep it from bowing while you are screening.
  4. Lay new screen material over the frame and cardboard insert. Special note: Buy the best material you can afford and approximately 4-6 inches larger than the frame.
  5. Do not try to stretch the screen tight; just lay it out wrinkle free.
  6. Start new spline and roll it in with a spline rolling tool.
  7. Hold repaired screen up and inspect for wrinkles in the material, remove spline and adjust as needed.
  8. Using a sharp utility knife, trim off excess screen material, being careful not to cut the screen inside the frame perimeter. 
  9. When re-installing your screen frame, do so in a way that the screen is held off of the glass, with the spline facing out. The space created between the screen and window will further insulate your windows.


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