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Yes. Whether your expansion joint material is pulling up or deteriorating, it can start looking unsightly, but the project to correct this is pretty simple.

Not all the old joint material needs to be ripped up. Remove all necessary areas (loose, pulled up sections, etc.), trimming it down to about a 1/2″ depth. Any type of prod or blade can assist you in this removal. Self-leveling caulk can then be applied to the area. This product can be found at Cohill’s Building Specialties (check them out under the “concrete” category of our recommended contractors list) in two different colors. It is sold in an easy-to-use tube packaging. Cohill’s can also point you to where you can find colored caulk.

If the joint is very deep, an optional layer of sand can be poured before applying the caulk.

  • Sanderson Ford

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  • Sanderson Ford

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