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Misters cool an outdoor living space by around 30 degrees, so your family can feel comfortable using the space to grill and eat dinner, watch TV or socialize, even in the summer. But that’s not the only thing your mister can do.  

You might not have thought about using a mister to add drama and comfort beyond the patio. Here are some ideas:

  1. Add a fogger. If you already have a mister, you can add a $250 feature that pumps fog over your pool or around a backyard waterfall, pond or fountain.  You can rig the device so the fog looks like it’s cascading down the waterfall. A bonus:  The fog helps cool the air over a pool. For extra drama, add colored lights near the foggy area.
  2. Direct your mist upward.  Most patio misters cool from the top down. But if you want to stay cool in a lawn chair under an umbrella in a grassy area away from the patio, you can have them installed in the ground so they send the cool air upward. Misting systems can be designed to work from any angle.
  3. Cool the pool. Insert misters around the pool deck so they spray into the pool, which helps cool off swimmers on the hottest summer days. Or install them around the pool deck near your favorite lawn chairs.
  4. Spray the kids. Chances are, your children don’t stay put on the patio, even if that’s where the misters are keeping things cool. The latest misting product is a horizontal fan that stands on its own or hangs from an open pergola and sprays an umbrella of cool air in a 25-foot radius. This is a great solution for an open playground area or a sun deck.
  5. Remember your animals. You can put misters around stables, dog kennels and dog runs to keep your horses and pets cool on hot days. Opt for a model with a remote control or timer so the nozzles operate only during the hottest times of the day.
  6. Keep down the dust. Any backyard with a sandy volleyball court is a nicer playground when a mister is doing double-duty to control the dust.  Ground-installed misters also work to control construction dust during a home remodel.
  7. Build it in. If you’re building a new home, have your misting system installed during construction rather than after the house is finished. That way, you can hide the copper lines inside the walls.

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