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Many of us have been on a cleaning kick – you know the drill. Pull everything out and sort it into basic piles marked: keep, throw away, recycle, and donate. You may have loaded your bags into your car to take it to your local thrift store, only to find that your favorite drop-off place closed.

Current times make it challenging to find places to get rid of stuff. For recycling each city has its own set of temporary changes including discontinuation of recycling services for some. Even though thrift stores are considered essential, responses have varied there as well.

Let’s take a look at some ideas for getting rid of your junk that may be someone else’s treasure.


Recycling varies for each community around the state. Phoenix and Tucson for instance, have 2 separate protocols. Check here for your city’s recycling protocol.

  • City of Phoenix has continued to fully operate under the essential business provision. Full collection of recycling and curb side pic up is available. Yvette Roeder, PIO of Phoenix Public Works Department reminds residents they ‘MUST bag and tie trash; place only empty, clean and dry recyclable materials in the blue container loosely or not bagged; and containers must be closed securely (not overstuffed) for health and sanitary reasons. Since many people are staying home or working from home, we have noticed an increase in our collection tonnage.
  • In contrast Tucson Waste Management has discontinued all recycling and curbside pick-up.


Online advice from public health advisor, Jenny Albertini of the U. S State Department advises us, “it is more important than ever to be strategic with our donations.” Do a good job of sorting and be honest with yourself about the value of each item. If you have gotten your use out of it and it needs repair, it is probably time to pitch it.

Our sources at Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul both encourage people to hang on to their donations. They rely heavily on the money made at the thrift stores to support those in need. The current demand for reasonable goods stands to be high for the near future.

NOTE: Whatever you do, don’t leave donations outside of a closed thrift store. This creates a nightmare for workers to clean up and likely they won’t be useable due to exposure.

  • Some of the Goodwills’ in Arizona are reopening just this week and they are all taking donations. They are taking precautions including sneeze guards for the cashiers, sanitizing stores and disinfecting donations throughout out COVID.
  • St. Vincent De Paul‘s thrift stores are not currently open. However, they are taking donations at their headquarters at 420 W Watkins in Phoenix.
  • Habitat for Humanity is selling products online and they do have curb side pickup but, they are not currently taking donations.

Pay for Pickup

Dumpster Services: Dumpsters are great for bigger jobs. Owner Scott Hertzing of Rosie on the House Certified Town and Country Hauling says he is seeing a lot of homeowners doing demo work and landscape projects. 16ft dumpsters are available in sizes from 2-ton to 30 cubic feet. The best part about the service is that Town and Country Hauling takes the dumpster to the landfill for you. Current wait times at the dump are around 45 minutes or more.

Home Maintenance To-Do: #RRR Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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