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  1. Drinking to many calories
    • Sports nutrition such as Gatorade is not a “healthy” drink 14g of sugar for every 8oz. for a 20 oz drink thats 35 g sugar.
    • One fancy Starbucks drink can run 400+ calories.
    • Wine- biggest concerns is over all calories and how it changes the way your body converts food (energy).
  2. Eating carbs at the wrong times of day
    • Never eat carbs at dinner.
    • 30 min after workout.
    • Front load your day with healthy cards.
  3. Steady state cardio and or all or nothing mentality
    • Does nothing for you unless training for endurance events.
    • Think car and gas MPH. you want to drive surface streets when you work out.
    • Bailing on a workout just because you don’t have the time you want to invest in it. event 10 minutes is better than no minutes.
  4. Using exercises inappropriately
    • Planking- non dynamic and boring- add depth and dynamic elements to the exercise.
    • Squats- squats don’t hurt your back, the way YOU squat hurts your back. Squats for quads not glutes and proper form and loading weight appropriately will ensure a healthy back and strong legs.
  5. Not resting/sleeping/stretching enough
    • Lack of recover raises stress hormones, disrupts sleep and causes weight gain.
    • Sufficient sleep allows cortisol or stabilize and for your body to lose weight.
    • Not stretching is like leaving your kitchen sponge in dirty dish water over night…it grows bacteria and thats just gross.


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  • Sanderson Ford

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