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We’re all trying to save money on our electric bills these days, especially during the hot summer months when the air conditioner always seems to be running full blast.

Having an in-depth ENERGY STAR® checkup done on your home is a great option to see how your home can improve. The low cost of this energy audit is mostly subsidized by your power companies including SRP. It’s a great way to determine what improvements will benefit your home and how much they will cost.

This energy performance audit, at a discounted price of just $99 (a $500 value), will assess your home’s insulation effectiveness as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning performance, air-duct leakage and restrictions, construction integrity issues, and even possible hot spots in your home. After the inspection, the contractor will provide recommendations for upgrades and for how you can save on the costs of your energy. This is the best way to decide what improvements you need in your house.

The assessment has to be completed by an Arizona Home Performance contractor on or before April 30, 2016. For a referral visit our Certified Partners in the Energy Efficiency category of our referral network. You can also call SRP at (602) 889-2656 for additional referrals.

Take about five minutes to discover if an ENERGY STAR assessment is right for you by completing an online home energy audit.

For more information on this program and its requirements, check out


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