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You’d probably love a nice, long soak in a fancy whirlpool tub.

But who has time?

A good second choice: a stand-up whirlpool experience—in the shower.

Install an extra showerhead, and make it a large-faced “rain-can” model. Add a few wall- or ceiling-mounted sprays to pump steamy water onto your aching back after a hard day.

Add a hand-held spray, which can double as a handy clean-up tool after your shower.

Look for multi-function, overhead showerheads and wall-mounted sprays that will gently massage, forcefully pulsate or softly spill rain-like droplets onto your weary body. Choose water-saving models that pulsate with power, so a little water feels like a lot of luxury.

You can add one or many, depending on your budget. Even one spray or extra showerhead will make you feel pampered.

Choose models with a warm, oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel finish instead of shiny polished chrome, which has a colder feel.

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