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The home organization business reels in billions of dollars a year, yet most laundry rooms contain a mishmash of mismatched rubber bins and metal shelving.

Several manufacturers of washers and dryers make matching storage accessories for hiding laundry detergent and mats or shelves for folding laundry. Kitchen-quality cabinets can double as laundry-room storage spaces and carry the family’s decorating theme into the home’s new hot spot.

Front-loading washers offer empty space on top, which can be used for sorting and folding laundry. Without a lid to open, the space above the washer can be filled with cabinets.

Move the laundry room so it’s upstairs near the bedrooms. Homeowners with large families might opt for a second washer/dryer duo, perhaps a small, stacking unit that can fit in a closet, upstairs near the master bedroom for quick loads between wash days in the main, first-floor laundry room.

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