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Use landscaping to create a subtle barrier around your house. Rosie’s tips:

  • Plant some prickly pear cactus or low-growing, thorny bushes under windows.
  • Remove overgrown bushes and shrubs where an intruder can hide.
  • Trim the ones you want to keep so they don’t obscure you neighbors’ view of your windows. Yes, you sacrifice a bit of privacy, but you gain security if neighbors can notice when someone who doesn’t belong is in or around your house.
  • Trim tree branches away from your house; they can provide cover for a skulker or serve as a ladder for someone wanting to enter an upstairs window.
  • Keep your lawn healthy, picked up and manicured. A messy or overgrown lawn signals potential intruders that nobody’s home long enough to take care of it.
  • Spread gravel or pebbles under windows. It’s pretty hard to sneak around outside with noisy, crunchy gravel underfoot.


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