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Once you have spent thousands of dollars fixing a foundation problem caused by settling or heaving, you’re not out of the woods. Other parts of the foundation can develop the same problem later.

You can prevent that from happening by changing the conditions that caused the problem.

Most problem are caused when Arizona’s moisture-starved clay soil suddenly gets soaked. That introduction of moisture causes the soil to swell, and that can cause your foundation to settle unevenly.

Stop the swelling by stopping the moisture. Here’s how:

  1. Repair plumbing leaks immediately.
  2. Install gutters on your house, complete with downspouts that will carry the water far away from the foundation.
  3. Look for water that collects in ponds around the house when it rains. Regrade your lot to divert that water from the house.
  4. Water your lawn during extended dry spells so the soil’s moisture content remains consistent.
  5. Don’t plant trees too close to your house. Their shallow roots can grow under your foundation and cause it to heave.

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