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Is your home getting “spider veins” in the drywall or ceiling? They could be a sign that your house is settling.

Every home settles, so tiny, hairline cracks usually are nothing to worry about. But sometimes, cracks are indicators that your home may have serious foundation problems.

To determine if the cracks in your walls are warning you of a structural issue, try these two simple tests:

The tape test: Place a strip of low adhesive tape (the blue tape) across the crack and mark the tape on each side of the crack. If the crack gets longer, you’ll know it because it will extend past the pen marks or cause one side of the tape to fall off. That means the foundation is continuing to settle. Call a foundation specialist for an examination.

The pencil test: Jab the sharpened tip of a pencil into the crack. If it fits and doesn’t fall out, trouble could be brewing. Call a foundation specialist to take a look.

  • Sanderson Ford

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  • Sanderson Ford

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