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You can seal your stone patio yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you.

What You Will Need:

  • 2 People | Sealing is a two-person job
  • Time | It will take you about an hour for every 200 square feet of patio space
  • Sealer | Be sure to choose a product that has been proven in Arizona! Just because a sealer works in other environments doesn’t mean it will hold up to the Arizona sun and heat.

Here are some tips for sealing the deal yourself:

1 | Choose a high-quality sealer.

Many homeowners tackle this job and are very happy with the result.

Disappointment comes if the sealer begins to flake, peel or becomes discolored. For good results, it is very important to choose the right product and to read the directions carefully.

Rosie’s Recommendation: Techniseal, in the water based Natural Look Matte Finish gives the longest protection- up to 3 years and is available at Marvel Building & Masonry Supply. Avoid the gloss version as it can be maintenance intensive. Color Boost in matte finish would be an option as well.

2 | Find someone to help you.

Sealing your patio takes two; one person to spray the sealer and the other to work it into the patio’s crevices and pores before it starts to dry.

3 | Cover up yourself and surrounding areas.

Wear long pants, closed-toe shoes and long sleeves so the sealant doesn’t get on your skin. Cover your mouth and nose with a face mask and wear glasses or goggles to protect yourself from harsh fumes and potential splashback. Cover plants, grills and appliances, too.

NOTE: We don’t recommend anyone who is pregnant or has health issues such as asthma, to do this job yourself.

4 | Secure the area.

You will want to keep people and pets from walking across the surface before it dries. Sealer can take several hours to dry completely. Foot or paw prints, especially if they are dirty, are not easily remedied and will leave a lasting impression.

5 | Prepare the surface.

If you apply a sealer to a dirty patio, you will seal in the dirt and dull the finish.

Begin with a good washing. Nathan Angel of Belgard Pavers, is not a fan of using power washers on pavers and other surfaces. If used too aggressively they can leave etch marks on the surface. Instead, he recommends a tool called the Whisper Washer. The spray of the washer is delivered in a circular motion and won’t leave pattern marks. If you have a power washer there is a Whisper Wand attachment you can buy for about $200, or you can rent one at your local rental yard.

6 | Apply the sealer with a bug sprayer.

Spray no more than 50 feet at a time with as even a coat as possible. Your partner should be right behind you with a soft-bristled broom or paintbrush, working it into the surface’s pores and wiping up any liquid that pools or doesn’t broom in. Apply one coat of a solvent-based sealer or two coats of a water-based product. It will dry in around 30 minutes.

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