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Homeowner Question: I have a salt water pool and the salt is breaking down my pool deck – what are my options for fixing this without remodeling my pool?

Paver Overlay

Overlay Pavers with a thickness of 30 millimeters on top of existing pool deck! We reached out to Rosie on the House Certified Partner Belgard; their website recommends the following two types of pavers for pool decks. 

  1. Catalina Slate™
  2. Travertino Overlay

Paver Installation

For install, use a Polymeric adhesive applied ½ inch thick to secure the inside row all the way around the pool. Belgard has pavers with bull nose edges for this.

Apply ½ inch of concrete sand base and set pavers over the rest of the deck. When you get to the back row, use the Polymeric adhesive again to secure pavers.

Pour and broom in polymeric sand over entire deck to fill in air space and eliminate any loose joints.

KEY: Seal your pavers every two years with Techniseal IN to combat and prevent salt erosion.

All of this can be found at any Marvel Masonry location!


  • Sanderson Ford

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  • Sanderson Ford

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