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A solar water heater performs three basic operations before hot water comes out of your faucet.

  1. It absorbs heat from the sun through a solar collector that’s usually mounted on the roof.
  2. It transfers heat energy from the water collector to a water storage tank.
  3. It stores the solar-heated water in an insulated tank until you need it.

A solar water heater costs several thousand dollars, compared with a traditional water heater, which typically costs hundreds.  But after you claim any federal or state tax credits and utility incentives that may be available, you may be able to buy a solar heater for just a couple of hundred dollars more than a conventional model, and you could save money every month on your electric bill.

Hire a plumber who has experience with solar water heaters to install it for you. Once the collector is on your roof, it will start harvesting sunshine, which will turn into the heat that warms the water in your tank. Because most Arizona days are sunny, you can save on your hot water bills right away.

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