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Whichever deck covering you choose, keep a few simple guidelines in mind: 

  • The lighter your deck’s color, the cooler it will be. That’s why so many pool decks are sand- or buff-colored. Dark surfaces can look nice, but your feet will regret that choice on our first 100-degree day.
  • If you want Kool Deck, make sure that’s what you’re getting. Kool Deck has become synonymous with “pool deck,” just as Kleenex has become just another word for “tissue.” Kool Deck is a brand name.
  • Likewise, make sure your installer is experienced and trained in working with Kool Deck, which requires different skills than an acrylic deck.
  • A smooth deck surface will be slippery when wet. A mottled surface is less slippery.
  • Prices for installing Kool Deck, acrylic or stone vary widely, depending on the condition of your existing pool deck. Don’t trust an installer to quote you a price over the phone. Find someone who is willing to take a look at your pool and judge the amount of work that’s needed before making an estimate.


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