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Ten most effective ways we have found to run a more energy efficient home without spending a bundle of money. With the exception of numbers one and nine, these are easy projects for the do-it-yourselfer; materials and products available at specialty and hardware stores your area.  

  1. Shade your windows and skylights. There are a variety of choices available including sunscreens, tinting, vegetation, and awnings.
  2. Use your ceiling and floor fans. Remember, fans only cool the person, not the room.  Don’t waste energy by leaving them on in empty rooms.
  3. Change your air filters monthly. Replace them with 1” paper pleated filters every time you pay your electric bill.
  4. Caulk behind electrical plates. Secure the junction boxes to the wall material in all outlets and switches located on exterior walls.
  5. Repair loose weather stripping. Go outside on a hot day and feel around your doors and windows for cold indoor air that may be escaping.
  6. Investigate the most economical electric plans. Verify that you are purchasing your electricity using the most economical plan available to your home size lifestyle.
  7. Adequately insulate and ventilate your attic. Verify that the attic insulation has a rating of R-40 and that your attic has sufficient ventilation. Ridge venting is the most effective.
  8. Use timers on your hot water heaters.
  9. Clean condensing coils. All appliances with compressors (refrigerator, freezer, etc) have coils that should be cleaned at least once a year (a/c unit once per 7-10 years).
  10. Clean your cleaning machines. Run full loads only in your dishwasher and washing machine. Clean your dryer vent at least once per year (quarterly if it is a vertical vent over 10’).


  • Sanderson Ford

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