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If you’re renting, you’re lining the pockets of the person who owns the home you live in. If you buy your home, you’re making a monthly investment that you can cash in on once the value of your home increases and you sell it so you can move into a bigger or nicer one. Plus:

  • Mortgage interest is tax-deductible so it can help you save money on your annual tax bill.
  • You’ll have more privacy. Your landlord has the right to inspect your rental home with 24 hours’ notice. When you own, it’s up to you who comes in and who doesn’t.
  • When you own, your home is yours to fix up any way you like. You can put up pink flowered wallpaper if you like it, build a tree house in the back yard or install a sand box, swing set and basketball hoop. You can add an extra bedroom or an outdoor kitchen as long as you get the proper permits from the city. There’s no landlord to tell you “no.”

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