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What Is The Reason For Mulching When Planting?

The reason we mulch is to create a healthy space for our plants to thrive!

In Arizona, we typically don’t have very much rainfall and we don’t have a lot of decomposed, organic product in our soil. To get a nice, organic environment for the plants to thrive in, we need to incorporate composted mulch to the soil and put mulch on top of the soil. Doing this is a great way to cool down the soil and hold moisture in the soil so it does not dry out so much or as quickly.

Our soil is very expansive. Getting organic material in the soil and on top of the soil keeps it from shrinking and contracting, drying out, splitting and cracking. It also acts like insulation and keeps it warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter.



Jay Harper gives you the lowdown on spreading mulch. Plus info on the many advantages of mulch such as cooling down the ground, maintaining moisture, and providing weed control. Jay also discusses the difference between mulch and compost. He also talks about starting a lawn from scratch.

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