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First, know that you might have to paint the inside of your windows more often than your walls or doors because they’re exposed to the bright, hot Arizona sun every day, which is hard on paint.
Next, paint windows in the morning so they’ll be dry enough by bedtime for you to close them.

  • Use a paint brush, not a roller. Choose a narrow brush, an inch and a half or so.
  • Tape the glass with blue painter’s tape near all painted surfaces. This can take some time, but you’ll be sorry if you don’t do it because you’ll wind up scraping dry paint off of window panes.
  • Remove curtains, blinds and all hardware,including locks and curtain rods and hooks, from the windows. This will protect them from paint splatters and allow you to paint all wood surfaces without missing any spots.
  •  If you have double-hung windows (the ones with a window (or “sash”) on top that opens from the top down and another window on the bottom that opens from the bottom up), raise the bottom partway and lower the top partway, and paint the horizontal and vertical areas. Close both sashes almost all the way and paint the rest. Be careful not to get paint in between the sash and the frame or it can make the windows stick together. Wait until the sashes dry before painting the window frame. Paint the window sill last.
  • Carefully remove the painter’s tape once you’re finished painting. Do not leave it on while the paint dries.
  • Remove specks of paint from the glass with a razor blade.


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