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Why Am I Losing Water From My Toilet Bowl?

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Why Am I Losing Water From My Toilet Bowl?

As we always do, Rosie on the House was answering homeowner questions one fine, Saturday morning. Every once in a while, a homeowner manages to stump us; this time on a plumbing question – well, challenge accepted!! We reached out to our Rosie-Certified Plumbers for the answer.

Homeowner Question

The toilet bowl water level drops after flushing an inch in one hour and eventually levels off. The bowl does not drain completely.  There’s nothing wrong in the tank and the tank is not losing water.

Possible Answers

The good people over at Rosie-Certified Isley’s Home Service had the following to say about the issue:

  1. The most likely cause is capillary action. This happens when a piece of debris, wicks the water out of the bowl and down the drain. It could be something as small as a string.
  2. Another possibility is the drain venting in the home is not sized properly, or a clogged vent. (unlikely, but not un-heard of). When other fixtures are used it creates a siphon that pulls some of the water out.
  3. And last but not least a clog, or partial clog could be a possibility.

The good people over at Rosie-Certified Britunel Plumbing in Casa Grande suggested:

  1. It could be a crack in the toilet p-trap

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Listen to the question/conversation as it happened live on-air!

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