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Blue Sky Pest Control | Gilbert

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Blue Sky Pest Control provides termite control, pest control, scorpion control, rodent control and bee control services throughout the entire Valley. Blue Sky is known for its quality service technicians. Each Blue Sky technician has been certified through Blue Sky’s rigorous training program. In addition, each technician has received a thorough background check and drug screenings.

Termite Control
The most common termite in the Valley is the subterranean termite. These termites live in the soil and make their way into homes through “mud tubes”. These mud tubes are often behind walls, fixtures and other obstructions that can easily hide an infestation. With the introduction of Termidor and other non-repellants there are effective treatments for current infestations and practical and economical treatment approaches to prevent infestations. To learn more about our termite services click here.

Pest Control
We treat for a lot of different kinds of pests including: ants, black widows, crickets, cockroaches, earwigs “pincher bugs”, silverfish, scorpions, spiders, mice, rats, wasps and other common household pests. The most popular service our customers choose is an every other month treatment plan. This is the most popular because it is the best bang for the buck and the products last 5-065 days in the Arizona heat. In addition, all our services are fully guaranteed. To learn more about our pest control services click here.

Scorpion Control

Am I really going to be able to live scorpion free? Scorpions are here in Arizona and they are here to stay, but Blue Sky can substantially reduce the scorpion populations around the home and our technicians also help you to eliminate common entry points into the home. This combination of reducing populations and eliminating entry points will significantly reduce the number of scorpions that enter your home. All our scorpion services also include control for most other common pests (crickets, black widows etc.)To learn more about our scorpion service click here.

Rodent Control
We service for all sorts of rodents including: rats, pack rats and mice. Effective rodent control requires a little and sometimes a lot of detective work to identify the source of entry and nesting areas. To learn more click here.

Bee Control
Over 90% of the wild bees here in the Valley are a strain of African Honey Bees (AHB). These bees can be very aggressive and are known to attack in numbers. If you discover bees starting to congregate around your home recognize that they may be simply passing through. Do not disturb the bees. If the bees remain give us a call and we can get rid of the bees and also remove any hive that they may have established. To learn more click here.



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" I had Blue Sky Pest control out yesterday to my place to take care of a bee issue we were having. They were great, and the tech they sent out was stellar. "
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