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St. Vincent De Paul

Feed. Clothe. House. Heal.

Our programs strive to Feed, Clothe, House, and Heal deeply and meaningfully.

One visit at a time.

The visit, as a symbol, an emblem, a blueprint for effective action, is central to who we are as an organization.

The visit, in the home, across the Valley, and a thousand times a day in each of our dining rooms, ministries, and operation centers.

The home visit, which lays the welcome mat for our philosophy of service, as volunteers bring food boxes to a neighbor’s door, but stay, to nourish by their humanity.

The visit is what gives each program its pride of purpose, as we fight for our constituency with depth, intensity, empathy, and the patience lasting solutions require.

The Visit, by The Society 

of St. Vincent de Paul.

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  YES!  We can pickup your donation of quality household goods, furniture and appliances at your home!

Please Call 602-266-4673

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At. St. Vincent de Pail we help ANY family in need regardless of any qualification EXCEPT need. Our 10,000 volunteers from nearly ALL backgrounds imaginable are proud to be a part of our team that works to feed, clothe, house, and heal. Last year, our volunteers and generous donors helped to donate more than $250,000 worth of household goods directly to needy families. As well as 2,400 meals each day prepared in our kitchen and served primarily in our five dining rooms. In addition, more than 400,000 food boxes delivered (and audited) to homes by our distinguished Vincentian volunteers

We are thrilled that Rosie and Jennifer Romero have personally visited our campus to see our work; if you are interested to see our work "Up Close and Personal, "  we would be delighted to have you visit our campus for a tour.

In the meantime, your donation of usable household goods, appliances, furniture and decent clothing can truly make a difference in many lives.

To Schedule a Pickup or a Tour call 602-266-4673!   
The work of St. Vincent de Paul in Central and Northern Arizona reaches those in need thanks to you!   

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St.Vincent de Paul: Your Home Pickup Partner

Call 602-266-4673 to Schedule Your Pickup

Operating in the Valley since 1946, St. Vincent de Paul is your one-call solution when you have used furniture, appliance,  bicycles, clothing or other household goods that might be helpful to another working family.

Our polite and helpful truck drivers are on the road every week, and we would be delighted to schedule a pickup at your home for any useful donations that might still serve a family in need.

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