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September 22, 2018


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The History Of The Farmers Almanac

  • The problem of smut in wheat
  • The infamous sugar shortage of 1919
  • The incredible story of John Paul Stapp, who tried to prove you could build an ejection seat in an aircraft by withstanding incredible G-Force. It’s how he did it that’s just as incredible

History of Jerome

Get Your Ghost Fix At Arizona’s Ghost Towns

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Weekend Wake-Up Hour by Sanderson Ford Start your mornings off learning about interesting people, places, and things around Arizona! This time we speak with Jay Kinsella who is the General Manager of Jerome Historical Society as well as Vice Mayor of Jerome! Sponsored by our friends at Sanderson Ford!

Arizona Hour Topic: If you were a ghost, where would you choose to hang out? Any of Arizona’s 300 ghost towns is an ideal place to “live” until next Halloween season. We reached out to some of our state’s most knowledgeable historians to get from them a sense of where to look. Let’s visit them… READ MORE IN THIS ARTICLE>> and scroll below for a breakout of talking points by each segment in this podcast along with links to additional resources.

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