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May 16, 2015


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We talk about the great weather in May and encourage you to send pics of Arizona wildflowers to win a Rosie Prize.  Just click here!

Wildfire expert, Jim Cross joins us to talk about how the recent rains will effect our Arizona forests.

  • Think it’s strange that it’s raining on May 15th? The last time was in 1976 & it’s only rained 4 times since 1890!
  • We’re delaying the fire season.
  • Much needed rain all across the western US.
  • As great as the rain has been, we could always use more!
  • How will the weather influence the monsoon season this year?

Enjoy the cooler temps and get outdoors before the heat gets here.


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Out in the yard with Jay from Harper’s Nurseries & Landscaping Company!!!

Rosie remembers the barbeque joint from last hour…Joe’s Barbeque and we cover some more favorites for National Barbeque Week:

*We all love Sierra Bonita Grill because of the great food and western art, plus quiet conference rooms.

Tip Of The Week: Some bugs are good and some bugs are bad…..

  • Assess the damage and make sure it’s worth the work if they don’t create major issues, consider leaving it alone.
  • Research the critters and eliminate the pests who are a true threat.
  • Take a picture or catch a few of the pests and take them to a nursery to find out what the next step should be.
  • Beware of the “whitefly

Get rid of weeds with the flames! Use the Red Dragon Torch Kits.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Rosie talks about the solar industry

**Dave Dickson, VP of Engineering for Skyiew Networks, joins us to talk about the “miracle of radio” and how the signal gets from our studio to your car or home all across Arizona.

(signal speeds, power used, distance from earth, size and lifespan of satellites in orbit)

Stan from Rosie On The House Remodeling joins the show to talk about what types of bathroom remodeling projects you can get at certain price points.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Confused about all the changes in the solar industry?  Rosie talks about a seminar that sets the record straight and to find out if solar is right for you home.

The YCCA has an event this weekend. Rosie partner’s attending are, Barrett PropaneVicente LandscapingGarage Floors & More, and Integrity Air Conditioning & Heating.


Talking Bugs!!!!

The guys from Blue Sky Pest Control stop by to take your questions on getting rid of pests in your yard.

We Discuss Bed Bugs:

  • Where they live and how they travel.
  • The numbers have actually increased in the last couple of years, but the news isn’t making it a big deal like a few years ago.
  • Complete removal is a must or it’s a pointless treatment.
  • Using “heat chambers” to kill the bugs and the eggs completely.
  • How bugs affect all of us differently. (Only 30% of people react to bed bugs)
  • Curtis shares a crazy story about a man who had over 1,000 bites without knowing it.
  • Bad habits that make it worse….don’t move to the couch with all your blankets. You’re just bring them out to another part of the house and exposing guests as hosts back to their home.
  • Nate talks about good habits that help reduce your chances of getting them.
  • The headboard on your bed is the top place you’ll find bed bugs in hotels. Sheets are changed frequently, so they’ll show up behind headboards.

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