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January 22, 2022


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Garden Expert Jay Harper and Special Guest Rosarian & Rose Hobbyist Ryan Regehr.

Ryan explains what a Rosarian is and what it takes to become one.

Mesa-East Valley Rose Society  The Rose Garden At Mesa Community College

The Rose Garden features many varieties of roses including ‘test roses’.  Ryan explains.

Jay discusses why January is the month for planting and trimming/pruning roses.  Plus how nurseries prepared roses in the past for sale.  It was a bit complicated.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Rosie On The for Certified Contractors and Service Providers.  Our weekly Newsletter lets you know what’s coming up on the next show!

The cleanliness and tidiness of your outdoor spaces can affect your neighbors.  We discuss an example of a sissoo tree near your property line.  Just cutting it down won’t work.

CALLER:  Has a 2007 home with wood splitting damage on vigas.  Suggestion on repair?

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Discussion about cracks in the sheetrock wall.  What type of crack:  straight or jagged?  The size of the crack.  Determining if its caused by a structural or surface issue before you repair.

E-MAIL:  Looking to change the stucco on a home from the skip trowl look to smooth surface.  Can it be done and the cost of doing it.

CALLER:  Concerned about an elderly neighbor who was approached by door to door salespeople about a deal to add solar to the home.

Mamogram LOL!

1/22/22 (running time 8-11AM)

Outdoor Living Hour – Notes from the Nursery

Let’s check out this weeks Notes From The Nursery with Jay Harper! He will be joined by special guest Ryan Regher – Rosarian, Rose Hobbyist and Volunteer at The Rose Garden at Mesa Community College. Together they’ll be talking about – you guessed it! – #Roses.

Also check out the Mesa East Valley Rose Society (MEVRS) Rose Auction and add some beauties to your garden!

On The House Topic: Contractors & Service Providers Can Improve Your Popularity

Being a good neighbor is more than just loaning someone a tool or a cup of sugar. The cleanliness and tidiness of your outdoor spaces can affect your neighbors. … Even if you don’t live in a community that enforces rules, it’s important to keep your front and back yard clean and tidy. If you don’t, you may find yourself unpopular with your neighbors. Instead, earn some popularity points with these tips…


Homeowner Topic: Open Home! 

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Weekly To-Do Topic: 

High Home Curb Appeal Is Appealing To Buyers | #CurbAppeal | READ MORE>>

#CurbAppeal  | Join us this Saturday; we’ll talk about ways you can spiffy up your property now that you’ve identified what might need taking care of. Watch out Mr. & Mrs. Jones! 

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