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April 16, 2022


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Jay Harper discusses timing of starting lawn transition to summer bermuda grass.   Earlier that later reducing winter rye grass.  Checking irrigation controler.

Best practice has changed when it comes to dethatching.  Explains why its should not be done in the fall.

Discussion of aerating the lawn.  Including caution when using an aerating machine.

TEXT:  Has a bermuda lawn (Did not plant winter lawn).  What can you do to jumpstart growing out the bermuda?

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Todd Russo of REEis Air Conditioning discusses how planning in advance for a new unit and maintenance on existing units is more important than ever this year.  More volatility in the supply chain causing delays in receiving parts or even a new unit.

Todd was the guy who introduced the Whole Home Energy Audit to Rosie.

Todd explains the 3 componets that maintain air conditioning in the home and what an energy audit can show the efficiency of those components.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Rosie On The House You Tube Channel and website are two of the many things we do to become Every Arizona Homeowner’s Best Friend.

Kerri Carnes (and Jill Hanks) of APS discuss some good news for customers.  A new, shorten Time Of Use Plan from 4-7pm.  Plus a free thermostat, rate comparison tool and other things to get the most out of your cooling bill at the APS Marketplace.

4/16/22 (running time 8-11 AM)

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Outdoor Living Hour – Notes from the Nursery

Rosie on the House Notes From The NurseryTune into this weeks Notes From The Nursery! We’ll be talking about #WinterLawnTransition

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On The House Topic: Why It’s More Critical Than Ever To Get Your AC Serviced Before Summer

2021 REEIS LogoWhen the summertime temperatures start soaring, you need an air conditioning system that can keep your home, and thus, you, comfortable. This year is not the year to forego maintenance or replacement of worn-out parts. Supply chain challenges continue to make procuring parts and equipment very challenging. Plus, cost increases and labor decreases are making service unusually difficult. Learn why you should not wait to schedule your air conditioning maintenance, repairs, or replacement…


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Homeowner Topic: Open Home! 

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How To Select & Care For Kitchen Faucets | #KitchenFaucets | READ MORE >>


#KitchenFaucets – READ MORE>>| If you’ve deemed it time to upgrade your kitchen faucets, great timing! Join us this Saturday, we’ll be sharing some tips for selecting the right faucet for your needs, and also how to care for it properly so it will last as long as possible.

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