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November 22, 2014


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John Jay from Harper’s Nursery & Landscaping Company joins us to take your questions!!!

Tip of the Week:  It’s time for winter gardens!!! Any leafy greens & most of your veggies can be planted right now. (Not tomato’s or peppers, though)

**It’s great for planting trees & shrubs too. Warm soil temps without the harsh summer heat gets your plants established for a head start for next year.


  • Ron – He has some older orange trees that have always produced fruit until this year and now one of them quit producing all together.

Recommendation – After investigating, his watering schedule should be adjusted, but it’s hard to know what went wrong.  If the tree is healthy, wait another year to see if it’s a chronic problem.

  • Austin – He recently installed a vacuum pressure valve and now he hears a really load hammer sound in his walls every time it kicks on.

Recommendation – He needs to test the pressure on the hose-bib to make sure the pressure is under 65-70 psi. If the pressure is more, he needs to get a control valve installed.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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The Mighty Electricians join us to talk about new electrical innovations!

Before you work on ANY electrical components around your home, you need to verify and correctly label everything in your main electrical panel.

  • The guys break down the process of re-labeling your breaker box, so it’s accurate.
  • We share common problems with older homes.
  • Safe ways to upgrade older homes so it’s safe.
  • If electricity scares you at all, step back!!!! & call an electrician!

Romey’s Digital Newsroom:

  • Beatrice – her home has metal siding and wants to know what kind of paint she should use?

Recommendation – Dale Wade from PPG Paints says prep is the key and primer is the most important step. There is no paint specifically made for metal. If you want to save BIG $$$ on paint, click here for a coupon for Rosie listener’s.

  • Richard – He has a 12 year old garage door with a broken spring. Should he replace one or do both?

Recommendation – Darrel from A-Authentic Garage  recommends doing both. If one broke, the 2nd is usually right behind. Also, if you replace one, the warranty is only good for one year. If you do both, you get a 5 year warranty.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Create a Memorable Christmas Gift This Year!

We talk with Patrick Jones from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware for tips and suggestions on creating a lifetime memory for the holidays this year.

  • Patrick Shares their company story that starts in Minnesota.
  • They’ve been in Arizona for 16 years!
  • What they offer….Tools, Materials and classes.
  • If you’re not near a store, visit them online here.

Even a simple project creates a lifetime memory and we share a few stories from the crew and Mr. Jones. No one remembers a gadget after a few years. They WILL remember if you took the time to build something personal.

(Clock Kits are very easy to build and creates a unique personal gift, Use fun wood from Porter Barn Wood!)

*Rosie shares his successful gift idea from a few years back; a personalized oversize cutting board.

*Download building plans from Rockler, here.

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