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August 15, 2021


Segment 1
(running time 11:44)
Segment 2
(running time 8:04)
Segment 3
(running time 8:04)
Segment 4
(running time 7:44)

We share a few different facts on The White House and their current and former residents:

  • Rosie’s take on the transfer of power.
  • What was happening on the broadcast during the prior inauguration weekends.
  • Inauguration was not always in January.
  • The shortest and longest speeches. William Henry Harrison’s didn’t end well…….


Segment 1
(running time 11:45)
Segment 2
(running time 7:05)
Segment 3
(running time 13:27)
Segment 4
(running time 6:50)

Jeff Harper with Harper’s Nursery & Landscaping Company is here to talk landscaping and to take your questions!

  • Talking rain again. Turn off those sprinklers and it’s time for pre-emergent herbicides.
  • Fighing spurge in your yard. We talk about application. “A little goes a long ways”

Text From a Listener:

  • How can you fight spurge without using a poison?

Recommendation – Corn glutten will work. It’s expensive and takes a lot, but it will work.

Emails From Listeners:

  • Peter – Do we have a preference on dwarf lemon tree variety?

Recommendation – Yes, Jeff pefers meyer lemons and he describes why.

  • Dee – How does she keep bermuda grass out of her container garden?

Recommendation – There are several ways this can get into the container and Jeff talks through the ways the roots could be getting in and how to prevent it from getting in.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

Segment 1
(running time 12:00)
Segment 2
(running time 6:34)
Segment 3
(running time 13:45)
Segment 4
(running time 6:27)
  • Buying American made products.
  • What you can find in our weekly newsletter and the new format we’re excited about!
  • Welcome to a new partner in the valley, Bailey’s Blind Repair.
  • What election years normally mean to the construction industry and the difference this year.
  • The housing industry and Phoenix expectations for 2017.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

Segment 1
(running time 12:09)
Segment 2
(running time 6:26)
Segment 3
(running time 13:50)
Segment 4
(running time 6:28)


  • Hilga – She is going to replace the flooring in her home and wants to know if she needs the flooring to go under the appliances? She’s been told do it both ways.

Recommendation – After finding out it’s vinyl, we would not put it up to the cabinets and to the front of the appliances, but not under either. It can be done both ways without a major issue, thought.

  • Rosie describes a “bathroom of the future” he recently saw and we discuss all the changes in technology.

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