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July 23, 2022

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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We discuss the recent monsoon storms that caused major damage and power outages for days in Eloy, Arizona City and parts of Maricopa County.

CALLER:  A planned patio extension requires an additional slab.  Considering a 4 inch thick concrete slab.  Wants our opinion along with using rebar or not.

CALLER:  Rattling pipes issue when the hot water is turned on in the shower.  We toss a lifeline to Jeff Carmichael of Day And Night Plumbing for some assistance.



On The House Hour: 7 Steps To Big Savings On Your Electric Bill

Join us this Saturday! We’re sticking to the topic of electricity and home power generation to bring you some ways to save on your upcoming electric bill.

We have been touting the benefits of supercooling for years. Hundreds, if not thousands of Arizona’s residents have learned from “Rosie on the House” how to supercool their homes during the summer to reduce the cost of their electric bills. In addition to supercooling, there are seven concepts regarding your monthly utility bill that might help reduce their cost all year round…


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