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August 6, 2022

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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CALLER:  Has a new home with a problem of the bathroom lights flickering when the run the vacuum cleaner.  Also says they have a 6 month warranty on the home.  We add our thoughts on a 6 month warranty that could be violating state statute.

CALLER:  Purchased a Burkee Water Filter that has a weird waxy substance on it.  Having trouble returning it with the company they bought it from.

Homeowner Topic: Open Home Hour!

Weekly To-Do Topic:#OverbearingCrickets – READ MORE>>| Join the conversation Saturday morning! chirp-chirp … chirp-chirp … CHIRP-CHIRP – Do you suffer from Overbearing crickets? We’re going to help you crack down on chaotic crickets 

Cracking Down On Crickets | #OverbearingCrickets | READ MORE>>

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