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January 14, 2023

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Repairing Cracked Or Chipped Tile



  • Fun e-mail from listener John in Columbus, New Mexico after mentioning Lordsburg, NM on a recent broadcast.


  • Darren Julian/Urban Wildlife Specialist Arizona Game & Fish
    • What can you do if wildlife like coyotes becomes a nuisance in you neighborhood
    • Keeping food sources off the property
    • Wildlife removal safety issues available by Game & Fish licensed companies


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Weekly To Do #RepairCracked&ChippedTile

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Weekly To-Do Topic: #RepairingCracked&ChippedTile | A chipped tile can be a safety hazard. You can cut your foot on the sharp edges or trip over it. Chipped and broken tiles must be repaired. A cracked tile floor is invariably a cracked concrete floor that has telegraphed through to the tile. Telegraphing means the flooring will take on any imperfections, protrusions, or undulations in the substrate (foundation). It is often a result of poor installation and maintenance. Or perhaps someone dropped something really heavy – oops! No matter how it happened, let’s get that broken tile repaired/replaced… READ MORE IN THIS DIY ARTICLE>> and scroll below for a breakout of each segment in this podcast with resource links.

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