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August 6, 2022
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Jeffrey C. Silvertooth

The Arizona Farm Bureau’s Julie Murphree’s guest is Dr. Jeffery Silvertooth.  An expert in Agronomy which is the science of soil management and crop production.  He explains the things that make Arizona agriculture so special:  Geography, climate variations, young soils and water means different kinds of crops can be grown year round.

Discusses how warm weather plants regulate their temperature to adapt to its climate.  Consistent great weather means many growing seasons unlike other parts of the country with just one.

Expanded Content: Keep with with Dr. Silvertooth’s research and reports at

Outdoor Living Hour | Arizona Farm Bureau’s Farm Fresh Monthly Topic – #AzClimate&Agriculture

Julie MurphreeLet’s head out to the farm this week with Julia Murphree of the Arizona Farm Bureau! Our focus this Saturday is Arizona’s wonderful climate for growing food and we’ll be joined by special guest, U of A’s Dr. Silvertooth#AZClimate&Agriculture

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