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November 25, 2017


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Rosie’s tip for mailing holiday packages.  Just before Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Post office almost empty.

Rosie talks about post Thanksgiving with the family.

Health Coach Katie Strumbo gives tips to control your eating on Thanksgiving and during the holiday.   And staying in shape.

Rosie On The House Launches A NEW SERVICE! (running time 7-11AM)

Weekend Wake-Up HourJoin us as we talk about events and activities across the Arizona sky with Dr. Sky himself!

Outdoor Living Hour – Urban Farming with Greg PetersonGreg Peterson with Urban Farm joins us to talk about home gardening! 
Homeowner Topic: Open Lines
The lines, email and text are open for your DIY questions!Call: (888) 767-4348Text: 411-923 (During Broadcast Only) 

Homeowner Topic: New Rosie on the House Estore
Tune-in to learn where you can buy the best tools around and help local charity at the same time!  Want quality Rosie Tested Tools? We have them! Also learn a little history about your favorite tools – the ones you most likely use the most. 

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