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August 9, 2021


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Barb and Tom, owners of Postorino Pool Service & Repair, join us to talk about about the Grand Canyon.

-Listen for Tom’s experiences and his advice for staying safe hiking through the Grand Canyon. He leads several groups a year down the canyon.

-Rosie’s daughter, Julia aka “Peanut” is back from Minnesota and stops by to talk about her experience hiking down the Grand Canyon with Rosie….funny stuff!


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We’re taking questions about trees out in your yard with John Eisenhower of Integrity Tree Service!

Tree of the Week:
  Vitex Agnus-Cactus, commonly known as a Chaste Tree or Monk’s Pepper Tree.  Great replacement tree that’s great for our heat, produces flowers and a nice size for confined ares.

(Fun Fact: It’s named after “monk’s” to control libido and is a great herbal remedy for many other uses)

-We discuss planting several trees in the same hole together in some instances.  Placement is key when planting. Consider proximity to the home (foundation)


  • Ned – He’s having an issue with a ficus tree. There are small white flies all over a 15 foot tall ficus tree. He’s heard rumors about them spreading and now the leaves are dropping all over. What should he do?

Recommendation –  This is a definite concern this year and is a pretty serious concern in the valley.  He needs a specialist to treat for them.  He can call  Scottsdale Weed Control & Fertilization.

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Summer’s Heating up and Doug with Postorino Pool Service & Repair joins us to share advice on prepping your pool and staying safe during the swimming season.

Tip #1 – Make sure you’re equipment is in good working order.  This will keep your pool clean and healthy for summer fun.

*Update on regulations on high-efficiency pool pumps required in new pools. It’s well tested and will save you money.

Tip #2 – Doug has filter recommendations. (Backwash rules effect decisions)

Tip #3 – When to have your pool serviced.

Tip #4 – Salt Water vs. Traditional Pools

Romey’s Digital Newsroom:

**(Rick Thompson’s work was so good, the homeowner cried!)

  • Kathy – She wrote in with a cleaning tip.  Use micro-fiber cloth when you’re cleaning.
  • Mary – She wants to know if we know of anyone to dig a burrow for her 20 year old desert tortoise in Tucson.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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We’re talking 1950’s era homes!

We talk about all the reasons why loves these homes and how you can do to update and modernize them and create an affordable home that’s great for many young families.

Harold Perkins from Galaxy Lending Group stops by to talk mortgages and the current state of the housing market.

  • Average Home Pricing
  • Average Interest Rates
  • Average Down Payments were $3,000.00 [$3,300.00 was the average median income for one year. ($1.50/hour)]
  • Term lengths have increased over the years.
  • The average cost is still about the same percentage of overall income today as it was in the 1950’s.
  • How certain changes in the mortgage process cause housing busts over the years.

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