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7:00AM - Arizona Staycation Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 11:29)

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Rosie gives us an update from his travels across the U.S.

  • Dallas, Texas isn't such a big hit according to Rosie.
  • Rhode Island is a much more interesting state than you think!

Katie Stumbo joins the broadcast to talk about staying in shape during the holiday season:

  • #1 Set - realistic goals!
  • Set limits on specific days that you can indulge.
  • Don't extend one day into a 3-day weekend.
  • Limit your daily vices so you can take advantage of the holiday sweets.

Segment 2 (running time 8:17)

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More tips on statying in shape through the Holiday's from Katie Stumbo:

  • Remember that even if you can't get in a full workout, even a short time will help you maintain your weight.
  • Get away from the "all or nothing" attitude.
  • 20 minutes will "Maintain" your weight. An hour will help you lose weight.
  • Keep workouts simple so you'll do them.
  • Katie shares the steps. Listen!
  • Take advantage of our great sunsets and trail systems in Arizona.

Segment 3 (running time 13:17)

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  • Beware of all the events and extra meals/treats every day.
  • Rosie & Jennifer struggled with all the great treats at St. Vincent DePaul event and we talk about their mission. Donate Today!

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*Thanks to great sponsors that make it special, Designing Women of ArizonaThe Cactus Candy Company.

Segment 4 (running time 7:19)

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  • Deep-frying a turkey can be dangerous....but it's delicious.
  • Romey shares a trick he learned about seasoning your turkey.
  • Safety tips on deep-frying a turkey
  • Thanks to Katie for stopping by & giving tips on maintaining your weight through the holidays.
  • Rosie talks about employment opportunities with Rosie-Certified Partners, like Freelite!

8:00AM - Outdoor Living: Notes from the Nursery with Jay Harper

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Segment 1 (running time 11:19)

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John Jay from Harper's Nursery & Landscaping Company joins us to talk about maintaining the outdoors at your home. 

Tip of the Week: It's the perfect time to get out in the yard. Cooler fall weather combined with warm soils means planting time is now for a lot of plants. He also describes great gift ideas for the outdoors.


  • Keith - He maintains pools in the valley and his clients always give him lemons, grapefruit and other citrus, but never limes. Can we grow limes in the Valley?

Recommendation - Yes! We grow several varieties and do well here and in his area, he could try to pick one up at Linden Tree Nursery or Summer Winds Nursery.

*We talk different varieties and options for your living situation.

  • We talk about protecting plants when it freezes in Arizona and the most susceptible plants in your yard.

Segment 2 (running time 7:14)

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David Mizejewski with the National Wildlife Federation joins us to talk about their Gardening for Wildlife Program

  • Restoring Habitat
  • Attracting wildlife to your yard.
  • What's in the gift pack and David shares it.
  • Bats are great for fertilzer and Romey & David talk though it.
  • Make your backyard a "certified wildlife habitat'

Segment 3 (running time 12:36)

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  • Tom in Tucson- He has a question on his sod and if he should cut it down or let them go?

Recommendation - It sounds like a flower, not a seed. He can just let it go or take it to a nursery to verify.

  • Tom in Mesa - He has an olive tree and it's too tall to spray effectively to limit the olives. He's been losing limbs and wants to know if it'd be okay to trim it down in size to manage better. 

Recommendation - There are several issues with this tree and it might be better to just take it out and replant a new one. It can be damaged with too much sun, but he should any cutting back over the winter if he keeps it.

  • Maureen - Her naval orange fruit has what looks like an infection. Is this the 'dreaded citrus disease' she's read about?

Recommendation - It's more than likely a weather related problem that can cause rot. It could be summer sun damage that caused the fruit to get damaged. The fruite inside the canopy could be good to go.

*We describe "Citrus Greening Disease" and we talk about the problem, but it's not in Arizona yet.

  • Gail - She heard us talking about thinning out fruit and wonders if she should thin out her tangelo fruit and if it's too late this year?

Recommendation - We were talking about other fruit types, not generally citrus. It could help "some, but not a lot:" And it probably is too late to gain a lot this late in the season anyway.

*Tips on fertilizing trees, and what to do if you miss a treatment.

Segment 4 (running time 6:43)

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  • Mary Beth - Her oranges are dropping and they have a hole in them. They thought it was a bird, but they don't that's what it is. What do we think it could be?

Recommendation - It is a bird......they get to the outer edge of the tree and poke a hole in it. There's not a whole lot she can do other than pick them quickly or put a net over the whole tree.

If you have questions for John Jay, stop in at Harper's Nursery & Landscaping Company.

9:00AM - On The House Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:39)

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Holiday Gift Ideas:

  • For the Do It Yourselfer, Rosie shares a great idea. A small electric circuit tester.
  • The Earth Talon Shovel - Locally made shovel that's great for tough jobs!


  • Kathy - She had her roof replaced by Pinnacle Roofing about a year ago and very recently they've started hearing rustling in a section of the roof. Should they call the roofer or an exterminator?

Recommendation - Rosie would call both....a service call should be free from the roofer and she can call MasterTech Pest Solutions or Blue Sky Pest Control.

*We talk about a few deterrents we've tried; 4 The Birds and Tanglefoot.

  • Stocking Stuffer Idea from Rosie - An Infrared Thermometer.

Segment 2 (running time 6:01)

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  • David - The distribution tank in his septic system burst. He wants to know if he can upgrade the pipes thickness and what to use for bedding under the pipe?

Recommendation - After investigating, he needs to call one of our Rosie-Certified plumbers like Intelligent Design Plumbing in Tucson.

  • Tim - He needs a new roof. What do we think about metal roofs?

Recommendation - For permanence and low-maintenance Rosie would go with a metal roof. The cost is considerably more and not a lot of roofers install them?

Segment 3 (running time 13:13)

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  • Rosie gives a tip on garbage disposal maintenance & how to prevent plumbing issues.


  • Helen - She is planning on moving into a newer home and it needs a new water heater. What do we think about the heat pump water heaters?

Recommendation - Rosie would consider a solar water heater too, but likes heat pumps too. If it was Rosie's house, he would go with a solar water heater? For recommendations, she can call Katherine at The Solar Store.

*Romey talks about some innovations that might help you get closer to "off the grid"

Letters from Listeners:

  • Thomas - Where to get his rustic pine furniture restored?

Recommendation - Call Irwin's Furniture Restoration in Phoenix.

  • June - She wants recommendations on covering the brick surface on her home?

Recommendation - We talk through all the options. The pros vs. Cons.  Aesthetics, insulation and maintenance need to be factors.

  • Bridgette - She's been told that she can install a de-scaler instead of a water softener. Is this true?

Recommendation - It is NOT a replacement for a water softener, but there are application's where it is a good idea. Do the research! Make sure any water treatment systems have the "Arizona Quality Water Seal."

Segment 4 (running time 6:24)

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  • Gene - He has 3 very large cracks in his 100 foot driveway. Do we have a Do-It-Yourselfer way to treat this?

Recommendation - Asphalt is really tough for D-I-Yer. Rosie has this situation at one of his properties. He's simply removing the chunks and replacing sections with Belgard Pavers you can buy at Oldcastle Superlite. This way you can do it in sections instead of the whole thing. We will follow up with Gene as Romey has a few suggestions from the 2015 National Hardware Show.

  • Judy - She's trying to save money on her AC unit over the winter. Can she shut off the circuit breaker to save money?

Recommendation - No. If the AC isn't asking for power, it won't draw any and it might effect the Heating Unit over the winter.

10:00AM - Open Home Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:07)

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Mike Saldivar and Dr. Freder Medina with BASF & Action Termite Control are here to talk about innovations in termite control in Arizona!

  • BASF & What they do.
  • Action Termite Training is extensive and changes with new technology.
  • History for treating termites.
  • Learn about the history of termidor and theTermidor HP Precision Injection System
  • Save Time & Money with new methods.


  • Eric - He bought a custom home 2 years ago and it was reported that it had termites. It was treated when he bought it, but he's now seeing tubes. He's bought some products online but wants to know his options.

Recommendation - The product he chose is a deterrent, not a poison. With it coming through the drywall, it sounds like its under the slab and he'd need specialized tools to do this properly to get under his home. It can be dangerous to yourself.

Segment 2 (running time 6:43)

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  • 5-10 termite colonies live on one square acre of land!
  • They need 1/16th of an inch to get into your home.
  • What attracts them to MY house?
  • Different treatments & Different Application Methods.
  • Unique species of termite in Arizona and why they love living under our homes. 


  • Scott - He has a mild fire ant problem and will they help deter termite?

Recommendation - They do eat termites, but termites have deep, protected tunnels and it won't elimanate the problem.

If you have pests at your home or have questions, call Action Termite!

Segment 3 (running time 12:57)

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Matt Allen with the "Bumper to Bumper" & Mike Russel with "Get Outdoors" join us to talk about gift ideas.

  • Matt shares his opinion on Rosie's reccomendation for the "Heat gun" and applications.
  • Matt Loves the Lithium Battery Pack. (This might not be the exact one)
  • Mike loves the YETI Coolers! They're spendy, but these are top notch.
  • Romey also loves the Canyon Coolers made in Arizona.
  • For outdoor types, Rosie loves the HydroFlask.
  • Consider a fishing gear setup!
  • Stocking Stuffer for The Outdoor Type - Nice Socks or Beef Jerky.
  • The Fish Clipper
  • We talk about the Leatherman Tread Wrist Band
  • Matt talks Rosie through some options with his truck...
  • What about Emergency Road Kits? Matt gives his ideas.
  • Consider putiing a "Car Wash" Package together

Segment 4 (running time 6:40)

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* Congratulations to our winner,Vince from Tucson!

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