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7:00AM - Arizona Staycation Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:07)

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  • Rosie talks about our event calender and a few events coming up!
  • Learn about the Great Backyard Birdcount. It's perfect for the kids.
  • Learn how to harvest acorns from John Slattery in Tucson.
  • Thoughts on "the big game" this weekend and years passed.
  • Some of our favorite commercials during the game.

Segment 2 (running time 7:34)

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With a big weekend on tap,  Jen talks with Jand D'Atri!

  • She has a great recipe for both weekends coming up....The big game and next week is Valentine's Day weekend.  Jan's Mama's Meatballs!
  • Click here to Make Mama's Meatballs.
  • We tried them out at the office and they were "to die for!"

Segment 3 (running time 13:55)

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More on the Big Weekend:

  • Food, food and food!
  • NFL player diets compared to several decades ago. 
  • Tom Brady vs. Matt Ryan's diet.
  • "Night shade vegetables"

We give a great prize package from Jewels and Estate Gallery by G. Darrell Olson!

  • Tips on Valentine's Day coming up.
  • Romey loves his new Kimes Ranch jeans!

Segment 4 (running time 6:45)

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  • Breaking down reasons to pay higher prices for American made quality products.
  • In keeping with buying American made products, Romey has a few options for new coolers.
  • Learn more about Igloo Coolers and Lifoam Industries. Just click here.
  • Rosie talks about going on the IRS website......

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8:00AM - Outdoor Living: Notes from the Nursery with Jay Harper

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Segment 1 (running time 12:01)

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It's been unusually warm for this time of year.....find out what you can be working on in your yard! We've got Jay with Harper's Nursery & Landscaping Company here to tell you what you can be doing out in your yard.

  • Discussing what "night shade vegetables."
  • It's tomato planting weekend! Jay also lists all the other vegetables that can go in.
  • Biggest key to succesful tomatos-Get them in early! (NOW)
  • We run through a laundry list of veggies that can be going in the garden.
  • Preparing for the summer heat and if the frost chances are done in the lower elevations.
  • Water levels across Arizona are up! That also means lots of weeds. Pre-emergent.
  • Arizona River Runners is busy this year! Romey has a few suggestions to take advantage of the high water levels in the rivers.

Segment 2 (running time 6:27)

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Text From a Listener:

  • Sergio - When is the right time to fertilize the lawn and the trees on his property?

Recommendation - If it's a winter lawn, it's every 30 days and he can use "turf royal" or a local product we all love from Hickman's Family Farms.   There is no need to fertilize a dormant lawn right now, but as soon as they green up, you can thatch and weed. Listen as Jay breaks it down along with when to take care of the trees. It's soon!

  • We talk more about overall watering and fertilizing methods, including in-line fertilize system wants to put in at his home.

Segment 3 (running time 13:38)

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Text From a Listener:

  • Where do you actually apply the fertilizer under the tree?

Recommendation - The feeder roots are out away from the trunk around the edge of the canopy. You want to get it in towards the center halfway and out to the edge. The big roots near the trunk don't absorb much.

  • What else you can fertilize now or very soon.....basically everything in March.
  • Desert wildflowers and native plants are thriving with all the recent rains.
  • Controlling existing weeds.

Letter From a Listener:

  • Mark - He manages several aggregate mines and they are severly overgrown. Is there an easy way to prevent this?

Recommendation - A pre-emergent herbicide would be pefect for him. We talk through his options doing it himself or having a service provider take care of it.

  • Dealing with the dreaded spurge.....


  • Barbara - She wants to know what we think of wedelia as ground cover.

Recommendation - We love it. It's super fast growing and takes shade or sun. The only thing it doesn't like is the cold and will freeze back from time to time.

  • Chris - His mesquite tree is sending out a root above the ground that's about 12 inches long. It crosses a sidewalk area and he wants to know if he can cut it back?

Recommendation - That's fine, just get rid of it. It's only one root and it should be fine to cut it back.

Segment 4 (running time 6:15)

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  • Nancy - She's ready to plant a bunch of fruit trees and is trying to decide where to put them in the yard. She's concerned about roots impeding on the sewer lines. What does she need to know?

Recommendation - She can plant the dwarf varieties in tighter spaces, because they don't require a large root system. Citrus, in general aren't that big of a concern as long as you don't plant right over the top of a line. 

Email From a Listener:

  • Peter - He's done with the mess and is taking out his African Sumac. What would be a good replacement?

Recommendation - There is no such thing as a "clean tree." Sumac ARE on the dirtier side of the spectrum. He can go with a red push pistache or chinese pistache.

Thanks to Jay for stopping by! Pick ups some fresh plants at Harper's Nursery & Landscaping Company today.

9:00AM - On The House Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 11:58)

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  • Our thoughts on the border situation and the current immigration process and what it means to the construction labor shortage across the US.

Segment 2 (running time 6:33)

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  • What's in our current homeowner newsletter, including a new partner The Tree Amigos!
  • Learn from Rosie and watch the videos we put together to help you, the Arizona Homeowner.

Segment 3 (running time 14:03)

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  • Rosie took a call over the break from a woman who's husband is out at the Phoenix Open and she's putting a package together for him for Valentine's Day. It's full of the materials to finish up a few projects around the house. Ha!


  • Darren - He's been in his 7 year old home for about 4 months and he's seeing cracks across his ceilings across his whole home. What should he do?

Recommendation - Rosie investigates how big they were, if they've been repaired. It's new cracks and about a pencil lead wide. He's hasn't done anything we can think of to cause it. He needs to keep an eye on it and we'll investigate pictures he sends us. This is not that unusual.

  • Peggy - Is 80 degrees warm enough to coat and seal her roof?

Recommendation - Yes, but it takes a lot of prep work and Rosie talks through what to do and what to look for. Sounds like she's doing it frequently enough to be fine.

*We give Arizona Sun Devils Men's Basketball tickets!

  • Pam - She is remodeling her bathroom and got a great deal on a drop in soaking tub. They are worried about leaking if they put a shower in later because the liner isn't the same.

Recommendation - There could be some moisture penetration, but if they seal it up really well and keep treating it it should be fine.

Segment 4 (running time 6:14)

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  • Cindy - Her home was built in the 30's and she is wondering if she needs to replaced the wiring in her home. She's had a few issues with replacing fuses, but is it time to do that?

Recommendation - It's time. If it's the original 30's system, she needs to get it updated with a Rosie-Certified electrician.

10:00AM - Open Home Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:04)

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  • An update on the Remodeling and Construction industry. It's busy busy busy! Stay safe and pick qualified contractors if you are making the move on upgrades around your home.
  • If you are in the trades and are looking for a new career, head to a Rosie-Certified company you are qualified to work with. They are all desperate for quality employees.
  • Our topic of the week is "Interior Decorating Help On A Budget." Choosing colors, shapes and formats are tough for anyone who isn't a professional. Where to get help......
  • How Romey challenged Rosie to be more bold with colors and styles.
  • Rosie talks about a friends dilemna and how his advice has changed over the years from looking at magazines to the internet. Resources like Pinterest and Houzz are leading the way. We talk how this helps builders and remodelers come up with a design plan for them.
  • Romey's trick to keeping the cats away from his plants. (Actually, it's his wife Amanda saving the day after she found it on

Segment 2 (running time 6:33)

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  • More on a project we helped a woman putting together a gift box to help him get motivated to finish what he's started around their home.
  • What to do when you see a picture you really love, but there IS a downside to this. Rosie explains. Wife vs. Husband. Dealing with confliciting styles between the homeowner's.
  • When it's time to hire professional help.
  • The fun of surprising a homeowner and the sense of satisfaction.

Segment 3 (running time 13:47)

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  • Cal - He's painting his block home. He's pressure washed it, but there is still a powdery substance on the surface. Does he need to do more?

Recommendation - Rosie investigates and he could probably get in a little closer to take a bit more off, but it sounds like he should be fine to move forward. 

Email From a Listener:

  • Carrie - They heard Rosie talking about the French Door security video and they get to keep their doors! It's been a problem since they moved in to this home.


  • Jeff - His AC system is making noise and still running when it's off. He had someone out, but they said there's nothing wrong.

Recommendation - We bring Tony from Temperature Control Inc. to help answer his question. After investigating, it sounds like the relay is sticking and humming. This does need to get fixed.

*We also get into the discussion of home warranties because Jeff is having to deal with them on this issue at his home.

Segment 4 (running time 6:31)

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  • More on warrenties and why Romey likes "Equipment Breakdown Coverage' instead. What it is and how it worked for him at his home. If you need insurance, remember our friend Clay Jansen with Phocus Insurance Services.


  • John - He's stripping his painted concrete floors and there is constant knicks across it. Is there a way to seal it to prevent it?

Recommendation - He might need an expert. Call Cohills Building Specialists and they can talk him through his options and what they do in his situation.  He could also try Marvel Building & Masonry Supply.

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