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7:00AM - Arizona Staycation Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:04)

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  • Rosie talks about traveling this past week and his impressions of New Yorka & Canada.
  • Rosie shares his experience at The Red George Public House and their unique eats!

This weekend we continue our focus on Cochise County in Arizona and the exciting things you can see and do in Bisbee!

  • Francine Powers, author and owner of Bisbee Historical Tours, joins us to talk history in Bisbee and her families history in the town.
  • Learn about Copper Queen Mine and click here for info on the tour.
  • It's the furthest south town that is a mile high in elevation.

Segment 2 (running time 7:45)

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More with Francine Powers on Bisbee, Arizona:

  • History on the start of the Copper Queen Mine.
  • How Bisbee was a starting point for worker protections. Working in those mines were a dangersous way of life!
  • Bizzare and sad stories from their history and one good one, Bisbee has the oldest baseball field in the US.
  • Click the link in the last segment on information to take a tour or call 520-559-1448.

Segment 3 (running time 12:31)

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Jen Luria, Director of Tourism in Bisbee joins the broadcast!

  • We recap all the recent awards they've won, including "Best Small Historic Town in the US"
  • Bisbee keeps things local and it's a place for unique finds and avoids all the big box stores and franchises. Very Cool!
  • Places to stay in Bisbee. Hotels, Bed & Breakfast establishments.
  • Jen describes a typical tourist day in Bisbee, AZ.
  • Edible Baja Magazine has a focus on the area as well.
  • There are a few events you can attend. Food, Art and Live Music!

Segment 4 (running time 8:04)

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8:00AM - Outdoor Living: Notes from the Nursery with Jay Harper

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Segment 1 (running time 11:58)

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We've got a packed house! Jay with Harper's Nursery & Landscaping Company is here to take your questions and we have special guests from The Japanese Friendship Garden!

  • Jay talks about the the Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers Competition.
  • Pests are in full force this time of year! Be on the lookout for critters and it's time to fertilize the garden now too! Lawns are transitioning too.

We introduce our other guests Ilene Takaguchi, Reiko Yasui Reavis & the Garden Curator Della.

  • History of the garden and how it was started in 1976.
  • The location in downtown is 1125 N. 3rd Avenue in Phoenix.
  • More details on the garden and how to get there. Plus classes available.
  • Details on Tea Ceremonies from Reiko.

Segment 2 (running time 6:23)

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  • Larry - His grapefruit tree seems to be dying....

Recommendation - Trees planted so many years ago could simply be dying from older age. Sometimes there's not much you can do. Jay describes issues he could be dealing with.

  • Tim - He just wanted to mention that he's visited the garden and talks about the area and how it's a great stop for families.

More with the Curator & Master Gardener for the Japanese Friendship Garden.

  • The way it was designed and a description of your trip.
  • Listen for descriptions of the different areas inside the park.

Segment 3 (running time 13:22)

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  • Ken - He has been harvesting great tomatos but some on the bottom are brown & he wants to know why.

Recommendation - It's called "blossom end rot" and starts when the heat goes up. It's a calcium deficiency brought on by stresss. He can use a spray by Fertilome's Yield Booster to help get rid of it.

*Romey & Jay talk about growing tomatos in AZ this time of year, plus transitioning to summer lawns.

Text From a Listener:

  • What could be happening to his 5 year old Shamel Ash tree. The leaves are yellowing and dropping.

Recommendation - This is an indication that it's lacking nitrogen. It probably just needs to be fertilized.

Letter From a Listener:

  • Only half of his Shamel Ash tree has budded out Why?

Recommendation - He sent in a picture and Jay thinks it looks like it is suffering from Tree Cankers. He needs to prune it out to save it. Overall, they struggle to grow here and Jay has a few tips on different trees to use and how to grow them succesfully.

Text From a Listener:

  • What is the purpose of a "Tea Ceremony?"

Recomendation - Reiko describes the ceremony and how it is done to create time for building relationships & spending time together.

*More on the Japanese Friendship Garden and the challenges they face in creating an authentic experience in the middle of our desert climate.

Segment 4 (running time 5:56)

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We give tickets away to texter's who'd like to visit the Japanese Friendship Garden.


  • Rob - He has just under 4,000 square feet and wants a recommendation on sod or seed?

Recommendation - Even with all the soil he's taken out, the old bermuda lawn might still come through. Jay walks him through his options and sod versus seed growing, plus costs.

Find Jay during the week at Harper's Nursery & Landscaping Company in Scottsdale!

9:00 - Home Mortgage Update

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Segment 1 (running time 13:10)

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If you're considering buying a home, we've got the guest for you! Join the team and Harold Perkins with Galaxy Lending Group as we update you on the current mortgage market.

  • Millenials are the largest group to enter the housing market since WWII.
  • Rates are still incredibly low, even with the feds raising rates at the end of last year.
  • The economy is still recovering, but better than it's been.
  • What are lenders looking for in a potential home buyer.
  • Current rates for different terms and montly payments to expect.

Segment 2 (running time 6:40)

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  • There are several takes on renting versus owning.
  • Mike, the engineer talks about being close to home ownership. The discussions with Galaxy Lending Group and Phocus Insurance helped him get prepared for it!
  • Discussing equity and building savings.


  • Jacob - He and his wife have been married for 9 months and savings around $10k. When should he make the move to ownership from renting?

Recommendation - Make sure your house payment is around 25% of your monthly income. Doing that should leave room for other costs.

Segment 3 (running time 13:29)

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  • More with Jacob and his situation.....should he buy a home now or wait?

Recommendation - First, decide where he'd like to buy. Next, Harold goes through some of his expenses and what he could expect if he decided to move forward. It might be time to move forward.

  • Harold & Rosie talk about different circumstances and what makes for a good home buyer.
  • More on rates and what we see happening in the future.
  • Don't shop for things you can't afford!


  • Nate - He's going to assume the loan on a property he's living in that his relatives own. They want to take out an amount on it and isnt' clear on how it works?

Recommendation - This is a common practice and might make sense to take out their own loan to buy the home. He could use a "gift of equity" where there are no down payments because it's from a family. You'll need to speak with Harold to get the details on this.

Segment 4 (running time 6:17)

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  • Making sure you're doing what is best for your personal situation.
  • Consultations are important to determine what is best for you and your future.


  • Adam - His father bought him a home several years ago and he's assumed the payments, but needs to get it into his name in the next few years. Is there a way to do this without paying taxes?

Recommendation - He needs to consult a tax expert, but since he has been making the payments he may be able to take over the title and wouldn't be considered a "sale." It would be considered a home refinance.

*Harold talks about a "Remodeling Loan" and what he is offering right now. It might be great for you!

Thanks to Harold Perking for stopping by! If you have questions, find him at Galaxy Lending Group!

10:00AM - Open Home Hour

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Segment 1 (running time 12:12)

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Cracks in your home or around your property? There are a lot of reasons and "settling" is NOT always the reason. Find out what could be happening as we talk with foundation expert, Bob Brown with Arizona Foundation Solutions.

  • Arizona's fairly active geologically, but not nearly as much as other states. 
  • Sink holes do exist, but not like in Florida.
  • More on "heaving" versus "settling" and the signs to watch for.
  • Bob's use of technology to get rid of Radon and how he's applied it to combat homes from heaving.

Segment 2 (running time 6:24)

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  • Bob's Patent Pending process to mitigate moisture below home's concrete slab that is causing the home to heave.
  • Red flags by contractors who are diagnosing foundation issues at your home.
  • Engineers diagnose problems for Arizona Foundation Solutions, NOT a salesman who's making a commission.
  • Using topographical maps to diagnose problems with your foundation.

Segment 3 (running time 13:01)

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  • Questions to ask a contractor who's diagnosing issues with your foundation.
  • The importance of a "floor survey" as part of an A,B & C process to solving foundation issues.
  • Permits are required, but some will skip this.
  • Bob's experience with the Historic Prescott Courthouse.
  • Mulitple stories from around the state that may apply to your situation.

Segment 4 (running time 6:36)

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  • Pricing expectations and how not every solution is expensive.
  • Stories about finding simple solutions that work, NOT always a really expenive option an unqualified inspection could recommend.
  • Click here for Bob's Consumer Guide to hiring a foundation expert and all kinds of articles on issues you could be seeing at your home.

If you need a foundation expert at your home, contact Bob Brown at Arizona Foundation Solutions.

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