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Eight O'Clock Landscape Hour

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Special Guest in the Studio: Eric Mytko from Life's a Garden

  • This week's tip is about preparing for the monsoon.  Make sure to protect your landscape by proper planting, staking and pruning in preparation.
  • Trim down the tree
  • Trim the Canopy
  • Proper Staking

Roger Ramsey from Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Products


  • Phyllis, cut down her Sisu Tree.  Are the roots still growing; Will Clorox kill all the roots

Recommendation: Yes, Clorox will work.  Make sure to get all the roots

Segment 2 (running time 6:06)

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Special Guest in the Studio: Roger Ramsey with Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Products
  • SoniScape® Outdoor Sound System


  • Matt, he got his tomato plant in the ground late.  Does he keep watering or give up

Recommendation: Keep it covered from the sun, Alumini Shade Cloth; Harper's Nursery

  • Mexican Fence Post Cacti with Frost Damage.  How to trim

Recommendation: ****

Segment 3 (running time 10:52)

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  • William, cut his tree too far down.  What to do

Recommendation: Supplemental Watering, Root Barrier can be installed planting or after its planted

Watering for Root Growth

  • Move your emitters on a regular basis as the tree grows
  • Deep root saturation as the tree roots adapt to the ground

Letter from Listener

  • Frank, in a rental home with a bare yard w/  critter holes everywhere

Recommendation: Gopher Snakes; Hardware cloth under garden beds, Chicken wire around root balls of newly planted trees, wood mulch; find a community garden

Flower Street Urban Gardens

  • Brad, has a Mesquite that roots growing into sewer and branches that are heading towards the roof.  It's so beautiful, does he cut it down

Recommendation: look for a leak, get an Arborist to help you out

Segment 4 (running time 7:23)

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  • Mark, did he put his pre-emergent on his Bermuda too late.  His lawn is brown

Recommendation: Cut low and fertilize your Bermuda, Do NOT Cut water, Cut Rye down short so Bermuda can photosynthesize

  • Mike, how does he get rid of his oleander

Recommendation: A-Z Equipment for mechanics to remove altogether

SoniScape from Ewing

Nine O'Clock Hour with Rosie, Romey and Co-Hosts Lyon's Roofing

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Special Co-Hosts in the Studio: Lyon's Roofing and Monsoon Preparation

What about a Foam Roof
  • Debris, Cean up that roof
  • Clean out the gutters
  • Maintenance every two years
  • Caulk in holes found from a Roofing Supply
  • Clean the roof
  • Elastameric Paint


  • Francis,  has a foam roof.  Can he walk on it.  How to seal it

Recommendation: Yes, you can walk on it ;  brushing with power broom, primer, spray and back roll the coating on, make sure it's even; 2 gallons per square in two passes

What can a homeowner expect to pay for re-coating foam roof?

  • $9 a square foot

Segment 2 (running time 6:51)

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Different Damage Problems for each region

How long can a properly maintained foam roof last?
  • Keep it covered and protected it can last 35-45 years, with re-coating with Elastimeric every 4-5 years.

What about a Flat Roof?

  • Coat with Elastimeric or Aluminum Coating
  • 20 Year longevity

Segment 3 (running time 11:12)

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  • Dan,wants to replace windows and is looking at a brand made with Fiber.  Does we recommend this

Recommendation: Rosie will research and get back; Andersen makes a Fibrex, vinyl mixed with fiber; talk to someone whose had the product for 4-5 years. Pella Windows-Vinyl needs to be reinforced with our heat; Full Fiberglass Window from Pella

Digital Newsroom:

  • Can he install an Energy Management Computer himself

Recommendation: Advanced Home Systems,  602-799-5656

  • Dante, is moving to well systems.  What to be aware of
  • Eric, can he get a Surge Protector in Tucson

Recommendation: The Solar Store-Electrical in Tucson

Segment 4 (running time 6:41)

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  • Roger, has a foam, flat roof.  Wants to DIY re-coat
  • Judy, has a used mobile home.  Noticed a lot of grit from the shingles in her gutters.  What to do

Ten O'Clock Hour with Rosie, Romey and Co-Hosts Austin Electric Services

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Segment 1 (running time 12:11)

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Special Co-Host: Austin Electric Services and Whole House Surge Protection

  • Les, paint is cracking in his foam block

Recommendation: Rosie will stop by when in Tucson, he likes concrete block filled with foam

Sweet Jennifer's Product Review: The DEE WEEDER

Segment 2 (running time 6:37)

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Lightning Protection-Air Terminals
  • Lightning can travel a far distance
  • Lightning will take the path of least resistance

Segment 3 (running time 13:00)

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Stephanie's Facebook Question: Good Morning! I have a 1960's galley kitchen with a very LARGE exhaust fan over the cooktop - is it easy to remove it or replace it with a microwave that has an exhaust system?

Recommendation:  Rosie says don't do it, the microwave does not have the volume she needs

$75 off from Austin Electric on Whole House Surge Protection only for Rosie Listeners


  • Darryl, has whole house surge protection and used Lightning Busters.  Do we still recommend him

Recommendation: Lightning Busters, Bob Ross or Austin Electric Services

  • Mike, how important is it to ground the chimney

Recommendation: Protecting your Chimney is important, it's the highest point, lightning is attracted to the highest point

Whole House Surge Protection and Lightning Protection with Austin

Segment 4 (running time 5:19)

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