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Romey Romero

Co-Owner/Co-Host, Rosie on the House
Date Started: 2004-04-01

Our Romey Romero, Co- Host of Rosie on the House is key to the management and operations of programming and the referral network.

Growing up Romey was homeschooled through 8th grade. This allowed him to spend much of his time on Rosie’s job sites learning to work with his hands and tools in a variety of construction trades. Among his favorites are masonry and trim carpentry. One summer after high school spent re-roofing Guitar Center in the Pavilions was not a trade highlight for him, but a pivotal moment in his carrier development path.

Romey considers himself and all American patriot and encourages & promotes development in trade skills and American manufacturing. This drive is what lead the drive to the recent additions of product testing and eStore to Rosie On The House.

Romey’s love for all things living outdoors has added a new and dimension to the 8AM outdoor living hour as he rotates weekly guest and experts from the fields of Agriculture, Arboriculture, Nursery and Urban Farming. He has earned recognition from the:

  • Arizona Nursery Association (ANA) as Associate Member of the Year
  • Outstanding Media Coverage Concerning Agricultural by the Arizona Farm Bureau
  • Palo Verde Award for Urban Forestry Enhancement from Arizona State Forestry

He has been instrumental in updating and improving the production of the show and the inner workings of the business. He leads the way to improve and update all the dynamics that are involved in a media driven business.

Romey and his wife Amanda enjoy life on the outskirts of Phoenix with their four children, Tenley, Roxie, Remy and Landry. All four keep the dust blowing as they practice their junior rodeo events including, barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying and roping events. Their homestead is also home to horses, cows, goats, chickens & dogs. They love to garden and enjoy fresh veggies, eggs, meat and goat’s milk and cheese right from their one farm. They have planted an orchard with the goal of having a variety of trees that produce citrus, fruit and nuts for a near year-round harvest.

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